4 Benefits of Light Hardwood Flooring

Light hardwood floors might not be suitable for every home, but they can be excellent flooring options if you are looking for a rustic appeal. Lighter shades impart a quaint yet charming feel to your home which is something we all need as we move into the cold and dreary winter months.

That’s not to say this is the only benefit of light hardwood. In fact, there are 4 important reasons why you should install this flooring option in your home.

  • Creates an illusion of more space

A tiny apartment or home can look spacious and airy with the right type of hardwood flooring. Lighter hues are ideal for small spaces, especially if the goal is to expand the room visually. Selecting wide planks of light-coloured hardwood and choosing light coloured cabinets which match can enhance the effect.

  • Provides an exotic appeal

Lighter hardwood floors are often associated with an exotic yet traditional appearance. They are also great at mimicking the cheerfulness and rustic feel of a farmhouse. If that is something that appeals to you, then lighter hardwood is the right choice. Sunny yellow curtains can be matched with them to create a homey interior. However, if the rustic look isn’t for you, a sophisticated approach can be taken by installing parquet flooring. The unique patterns can make a major statement while still enjoying the benefits of light hardwood flooring. Homeowners wanting to showcase their exotic design chops will be well served by light hardwood floors.

  • Downplays dirt and damage

People choosing hardwood for the first time are usually worried about the maintenance involved. With light hardwood flooring, this burden’s is eased. The lighter hue hides dirt and damage much better than its darker counterparts. It’s a good fit for pet owners as the light wood is also better at masking scratches than darker floors.

  • Is extremely durable

The less effort and time that is needed for the maintenance, the better the option is considered to be. Many light hardwoods can withstand heavy traffic better as they have a higher durability rating. Though they may vary from floor to floor, the basic maintenance required is minimal. Pine and birch should be avoided if durability is among the chief factors you’re looking out for. Oak or maple should be considered instead.

Light coloured hardwood makes any room look larger, more rustic and airy. In addition to exceptional durability, it can transform your home’s interior completely. It also gives your house a unique appearance.

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