4 Top Flooring Choices Around a Fireplace

A fireplace is usually built before the flooring is installed. If you need to choose the flooring around your fireplace, or renovate the existing one, you must select the right material. An inappropriate material can get damaged due to heat, soot stains, spotting or accidental burning.

4 Top Flooring Choices Around a Fireplace

In this blog post, we’ve shared some of the best flooring materials that can serve your purpose. We’ve highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of each, so you can make an informed purchase decision.

  • Carpet

This is an affordable and attractive choice if you’re looking for comfort and aesthetic appeal. Carpet looks fabulous with a fireplace. It’s available in a countless variety of colours, textures, and patterns to match or complement your room décor. Also, the carpet feels warm underfoot and its insulating properties work well together with the look and feel of a fireplace.

However, carpet has some drawbacks. It’s usually flammable although there are advanced fibres available these days that are flame retardant. Carpet also accumulates dirt, soot and wood particles easily. This problem can be solved by having a well-framed fireplace hearth.

  • Laminate

Laminates are also a good fireplace flooring option. The decorative layer of laminate boards can replicate the images of natural materials such as wood, stone, tiles, and more. High-quality laminate flooring can withstand the heat produced from a fireplace. If you want premium quality laminate flooring at cheapest price in Toronto, contact us.

Usually, the heat generated by a fireplace is directed outwards, sometimes with an increased chance of directly hitting your floor. Too much of heat isn’t suitable for laminates as they can expand, warp, and even crack. But with a fireplace hearth around, the risk of heat damage can be minimized. You can also further minimize damage by using hearth rugs in front of your fireplace which can provide an additional protection.

  • Hardwood

It’s the most traditional flooring type that looks absolutely incredible next to the fireplace with its earthy tones. The display of the flickering flame dazzles on the floor surface creating a magical ambience in your home. Available in a wide variety of wood species, colours, grain patterns, and finishes, hardwood makes for an excellent choice if you want a picture-perfect room.

But before making an investment, you should consider the drawbacks of hardwood flooring around a fireplace. Since it’s composed of real wood, there’s a risk of burning. Discolouration and warping due to overheating are also common occurrences especially if you have ventilation issues. A hearth extension can provide an added protection from a spark or soot. It’s also important to note that you don’t burn highly combustible materials in your fireplace to avoid accidents.

  • Engineered Hardwood

If you desire hardwood in your fireplace room for its aesthetic value but hesitant because of safety concerns, opt for engineered hardwood flooring. It’s sturdy, durable and little affected by heat damage. The composition of this engineered product makes it a safer option than solid hardwood. It’s available in a wide variety of styles to match your home décor and you choose a colour and pattern that best complements your fireplace. Learn more about engineered hardwood flooring before making your selection.

Now that you have this list of flooring suggestions, you can make an informed decision. If you’re still indecisive, contact AA Floors at (416) 201-9611 for a free assessment. Our team of experts will help you get accurate answers to your queries and also recommend the right type of flooring that’s suitable for your home.

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