5 Must-Know Facts about Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Buying new flooring is an expensive undertaking, and knowledge is your best ally. So, knowing all you can about your flooring of choice is a good idea.

Engineered hardwood flooring is all the rage among homeowners, and for good reason. It is a stylish, versatile and, most importantly, durable flooring solution for homes and businesses.

At AA Floors, we offer a wide range of engineered hardwood flooring in Toronto at the best prices.

But before you start shopping, here are some must-know facts about engineered hardwood flooring.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring: 5 Key Facts You Need to Know

Understanding the flooring of your choice is always prudent. So here are some must-know facts about engineered hardwood flooring.

1. It is often mistaken for laminate

Engineered hardwood flooring is often confused with laminate flooring, but these materials are very different. Sometimes, first-time buyers are confused regarding engineered flooring; they tend to think it is ‘fake wood’ like laminate or vinyl, but that is not true.

Engineered hardwood is composed of a layered plywood core with a top layer of real wood, which gives it the appearance of wood. Laminate or vinyl is synthetic flooring, and the ‘wood’ is a high-quality photo layer that allows it to imitate natural wood.

2. It is installable on any level of your home

Install engineered hardwood flooring At your Home

Solid hardwood, for all its advantages, cannot be installed on all storeys of your home, but engineered hardwood flooring can. That means most engineered wood products allow for on, above, and below-grade installations.

This means good quality Canadian-engineered flooring can be installed in your basement, kitchen, or bathrooms. Note: following the manufacturer’s instructions when installing in high-moisture-prone areas is very important.

3. It generally costs less than solid hardwood

If you are on a budget but want flooring that resembles natural wood, engineered hardwood flooring is your best alternative. In most cases, it costs less than solid hardwood flooring.

However, high-quality Canadian-engineered hardwood may be priced similarly to some species of solid hardwood flooring. That means you will pay for temperature-resistant and durable flooring that will last a long time. Having said that, it is important to consider your budget when shopping for flooring.

4. It has limited refinishing options

Wear and tear is normal for all flooring materials, and engineered hardwood is no exception. That means protecting your engineered hardwood flooring is important, especially during the busy holiday season when visitors may trek in dirt or snow that can cause damage.

Compared to solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood has fewer refinishing options. Engineered planks can be refinished, depending on how thick the wear layer is. While thinner planks can tolerate one refinishing, thicker planks will allow three to four.

5. It is the greener option

If you are an environmentally conscious homeowner, you will be pleased to learn that engineered flooring is a more environmentally friendly option. For every square foot of ¾-inch thick solid hardwood manufactured, four square feet of engineered flooring can be manufactured.

Engineered hardwood flooring is sourced from fast-growing, privately managed forests, which aids in preserving older forests.


Engineered hardwood flooring is a durable and long-lasting solution for homes and businesses. We hope that after reading this, you can make an informed decision for your space. At AA Floors, our knowledgeable team is always available to answer your questions and assist with any flooring issues. We also offer flooring services in Toronto. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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