5 Suggestions for Choosing the Right Hardwood Stains

Flooring has a major influence on the overall aesthetics of your home. Therefore, you can’t afford to go wrong with the process of staining, since it can be time-consuming and expensive. Also, you can’t alter the results once it’s done unless you are willing to redo it entirely and spend all over again. Hence, you shouldn’t rush your decision and instead, ask yourself certain questions before you finalize a shade.

This post provides you with five suggestions that are beneficial to help you choose the right stain that will complement your interior décor.

  • Prioritize your Preferences

Visualize the outcome you want. Do you want a stark contrast between the walls and the floor? Are you more inclined towards a moderate and lighter combination? Both light and dark stains have their pros and cons. Consider the kind of ambience you want and make the choice accordingly. Light floor stains will be more reflective. Dark floors absorb more light, but when paired with light walls, they can create a dramatic contrast.

  • Consider the Type of Wood

Exotics like mahogany, teak, maple, and cherry have a rich, beautiful natural hue. Other flooring options are often stained to imitate these kinds of wood, but their natural oils don’t absorb the colour. The results aren’t always that beautiful. However, common hardwood like red and white oak can be stained to enhance their beauty, provided you apply the right stain and technique.

  • Conceal Water or Pet Damage

Water can leave a major mark and diminish the beauty of your floor. The same goes for damage caused by your pet’s claws or litter. Choose a dark stain that can significantly conceal wear and tear if you are not in a position to replace the flooring. Staining is a more affordable choice, in comparison to complete renovations. On the other hand, light coloured stains can also help you hide dust and food crumbs until you clean it up the next time.

  • Conduct a Sample Area

The best way to determine the right stain for your home is sampling your best three stains on spare floorboards. Place the stained wood planks side by side and compare them to decide which looks best. This will make the selection process faster and you will be able to get a more concrete idea about what the end result is going to look like.

  • Mixing the Stains

If you have a really eccentric preference or simply cannot find a stain that you absolutely love, mixing stains is an experimental and useful alternative. Make sure the stain you choose is from the same product line and has the same water or oil base. Use any kind of measuring tool so that you get an accurate composition to create the same custom-made stain every time you mix it.

The right wood colour can immediately enhance the look of your house. You can easily achieve a desired look using the most appropriate shade for your space. For assistance with flooring tools, adhesives, stains and flooring materials in Toronto, contact AA Floors. Our experts in the contractor centre would be happy to assist you during our business hours.

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