6 Myths about Bamboo Flooring Busted

Bamboo Flooring

Beautiful to look at and durable, bamboo flooring is one of the preferred flooring options for a home. It has an array of advantageous features but, still, you may find on the Internet misconceptions about the benefits it provides.

After coming across such myths, it makes sense to have second thoughts when considering bamboo floorings for your home. But, do you know which characteristics are true and which are false? To help you in your decision, we will explain some of the most common myths about bamboo flooring.

Keep reading to make the right decision:

Myth 1: Bamboo flooring is not stronger than other options

Fact: In the mid-1990s, the first generation of bamboo floors built a bad reputation for being soft and not resistant to scratches and dents. Over the years, the use of new technology made it far more durable than the other traditional hardwoods. In fact, the strand-woven bamboo flooring is thrice stronger than the horizontal or vertical options.

Myth 2: Bamboo flooring is not eco-friendly

Fact: Many believe that bamboo floors are not made of trees. Did you know that they are made of grass? A lot of energy is invested in harvesting bamboo and also transporting it, but still, this flooring option is friendlier with the environment than any other flooring options. For instance, Bamboo only takes 4 years to reach the harvesting age, while timber floors take 120 years or more.

Myth 3: There are not many choices in bamboo floorings

Fact: Generally, bamboo flooring comes in two forms of natural colour: light straw and caramel. However, bamboo floors can be stained in any colour to fulfil your needs.

Myth 4: The installation of bamboo flooring takes a lot of time

Fact: Did you know that traditional flooring takes way more time to get fixed than bamboo flooring? Well, now you know. This is because engineered bamboo floors aren’t coupled to the sub-floor. So, if you want a flooring installation in considerably less time, you might want to choose bamboo.

Myth 5: Bamboo flooring is expensive

Fact: Flooring can be a big investment. Although, with proper research you may find bamboo flooring options that are cost effective. The final cost will depend on the type of bamboo flooring you’re opting for, the retailer, and the installation fees.

Myth 6: Bamboo flooring can’t be repaired

Fact: Have you ever heard of any floor that can’t be fixed when needed? Bamboo flooring can be refinished many times, following your requirements. If you take proper care of your floor, the hardness and scratch-resistant surface will last for decades.

These are some of the major misconceptions that we proved wrong with facts. Pay attention to the intricate details, research and then decide on the best type of flooring for your home. If you still have doubts, contact an experience company to get professional advice.

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