6 Reasons Why Waterproof Flooring Is Worth the Investment

Certain rooms such as the laundry, kitchens, and basements can see a lot of dampness and moisture. These high humidity levels can trigger all kinds of issues such as allergies and the warping of flooring.

But by choosing a waterproof flooring option, such as vinyl or laminate, you may reduce these issues effectively.

In this post, we discuss the key reasons to choose waterproof flooring for your home.

Reasons for Installing Waterproof Flooring in Your Home 

Here are the top reasons for laying down waterproof flooring in your space. Let’s get started.

1. Waterproof Floors Require Little Maintenance 

One of the key benefits of waterproof flooring is that it is relatively easy to clean and maintain. It resists stains and moisture accumulated due to routine activities such as oil or spills and wet footprints. In fact, these substances sit on the waterproof surface instead of soaking in. Therefore, you just need to wipe them up with a wet cloth. Far less maintenance and cleaning is required for this type of flooring compared to other materials like carpet.

2. They Are Durable 

These floors are durable enough to last for several years based on the material used and installation. Especially when you invest in good quality flooring brands like, Torlys vinyl waterproof flooring, they tend to last longer.  That is why they are preferred for places that witness a lot of foot traffic. Moreover, when you install, good-quality flooring it lasts for a long time without needing to be replaced.

3. They Are Resistant to Moisture 

This is one of the key benefits of this flooring option. After all, high humidity leads to aesthetic damage, and it is also harmful to your family’s health. Mildew and mould may grow underneath flooring, causing sneezing, allergies, and other chronic respiratory problems. Laying down waterproof floors not only decreases unpleasant swelling and warping, but prevents the growth of mildew and mould spores caused by food or oil spills penetrating the seams.

4. They Enhance The Appearance of Home

Another reason to install this flooring is that it helps enhance the look of your home within a budget. Even when you install this flooring only in certain areas like the basement, laundry room, or kitchen, it will appeal to homeowners who look for a hassle-free but attractive option.

5. They Are Good for Pets and Children 

Its low maintenance and stain-resistant properties will benefit parents and pet owners. After all, waterproof flooring does not just resist water and other liquids like pet pee and stains. Its premium coating also withstands damage, like scuffs from your dog’s nails or scratches from your child clomping their shoes.

6. They Are Available in Multiple Options 

When you choose waterproof flooring, you have multiple options.

  • Waterproof Vinyl (WPC and SPC) 

Wood plastic composite (WPC) vinyl and stone polymer composite (SPC) vinyl are gaining in popularity because homeowners want durable and innovative flooring solutions.

         i. WPC Vinyl 


This exclusive vinyl flooring has a very rigid core that is made either from recycled wood pulp and plastic or polymer composite that may expand in the air. This blending of wood pulp and plastic can make this whole WPC core completely waterproof.

Also known as wood polymer composite vinyl, this lightweight plank has a low-density construction that is both soft and warm underneath, and provides optimum comfort. It also can resist swelling if accidental puddles or spills are left on the ground for a long time without getting discovered. As this vinyl flooring is mounted with a glue-free locking plank unit, the whole installation becomes quicker and reduces the need for adhesives.

        ii. SPC Vinyl


This plank flooring has a rigid core made from polyvinyl chloride and powdered limestone, among other materials. Also known as solid polymer core (SPC), this vinyl plank is dense, quiet, strong, and very stable. It also does not allow in surface moisture or humidity, so the planks do not get damaged or swell.

  • Waterproof Laminate Flooring 


You may like the beauty and durability of wooden flooring and want this look in a space not suitable for hardwood, such as bathrooms and kitchens. For you, waterproof laminate flooring is a great option as it can mimic the look and also can be installed anywhere. Plus, this flooring is highly affordable and easy to maintain.

These are some of the top reasons to choose waterproof flooring for your space. It will not just safeguard your floor from water, but is easy to clean and adds value to your property. Are you looking for waterproof vinyl flooring from Torlys and other top brands? Contact AA Floors & More. We are one of Toronto’s leading dealers in flooring, dedicated to offering high-quality floor coverings for institutional, commercial, and residential projects.

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