7 Stylish Decor Ideas to Enhance Your Natural Wood Flooring

Do you have natural hardwood flooring in your Toronto home? This is a wonderful choice quite popular with homeowners for its functionality and beauty. Also, there is nothing like natural wood flooring for the warmth and character it brings to a space.

However, given how prominent wooden floors are within a room, it is equally important to pick the right decor, including wall colour and furniture, to tie the space’s style together.

If you are a homeowner having trouble finding the right decor to match your natural wood flooring, AA Floors is here to help.

Use these decorating ideas to help make your space truly distinct and enhance the appearance of your natural wood flooring.

Let’s get started.

Design Tips for Hardwood Floors in Toronto

Natural wood flooring is never boring, but with these design tips you can definitely wow your guests and leave a great impression.

1. Choose a Colour Palette That Complements Your Floors

The right colour scheme can make or break a room, but choosing a colour palette can be tricky.

The best way to choose a complementary colour palette for your natural wooden floor is to understand its undertone. A finished piece of natural wood will always have a few faint hints of colour, such as yellow, brown, grey, red, or orange. So, look closely.

Colours of  natural wood

When you have figured out the undertone, look at the colour wheel theory’s guiding principles to select complementary colours. For instance, brown wood floors and green walls or furniture work well together, while any shade of blue helps to balance the undertones of yellow and orange.

2. Choose Different Materials

It is crucial to vary the materials of your decor if your Toronto home has hardwood floors. For instance, a room with wooden floors, wooden furniture, and wooden window frames may seem too overcrowded with wood.

Instead, find a balance of textures. For example, you could add leather upholstery, use metal lamps, and add textures with throw rugs and pillows in different fabrics. Instead of going heavy on wood, incorporate it in smaller ways such as with a wooden picture frame to create a more cohesive look.

3. Incorporate Wooden Floors Throughout

If you have an open floor plan and are using natural wood flooring, it is important to do so throughout the space. This will help create a seamless flow and make your space look modern and stylish.

Avoid adding seams between the spaces of adjoining rooms. Instead, install planks that enhance flow instead of breaking it.

Need help shopping for hardwood flooring for your Toronto home? Get in touch with us.

4. Use Lighter Colours

Are you unsure how to decorate a room with dark wooden floors? Choosing lighter, brighter colours for its decor is the quickest and simplest way to brighten the room.

lighter coloured wooden floors 

Hint: make sure the window treatment you choose lets light through. Otherwise, the room will appear dark and claustrophobic.

5. Install an Interesting Floor Layout

This tip only works if you are installing new hardwood flooring in your Toronto home. Unique wooden floor designs such as parquet or herringbone help create visual interest.

Be sure to consider your budget for such a project as the installation requires time and expertise.

6. Preserve Old Floorboards

Does your home have original wood flooring? Then you need to protect it. Old floorboards are quite rare and packed with character. Signs of wear and tear leave beautiful imperfections on them that can never be replicated.

Unless your hardwood floors are completely dilapidated and beyond repair, consider preserving them. Speak to flooring experts to find the right solution for such a space.

7. Get Lights

Nothing can change the mood of a room like lighting. If you have hardwood flooring and want to create a particular mood, whether dramatic or light, make sure to install proper lighting. This tip works for all kinds of spaces and does not have to be expensive.


Choosing a decorating theme that highlights the beauty of your natural wood flooring is key. Use these seven decorating suggestions to design a stylish room that emphasizes the beauty of the natural wood flooring of your Toronto home. Embrace the versatility and timeless appeal of natural wood flooring, and let it be the foundation for your personal style and design vision.

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