7 Advantages of Choosing Vinyl Flooring in Toronto

With so many flooring options, homeowners often have a hard time choosing one to suit their home. One of the most popular for a variety of reasons are vinyl flooring. This type is a significant investment which will surely fit your style and needs thanks to its many benefits.

So far as designing and installing vinyl flooring, popular flooring stores in Toronto such as AA Floors may help. We offer the best quality vinyl flooring along with a wide range of other options such as hardwood, laminate, and engineered flooring, all at extraordinary prices. We can also take on any project, irrespective of the size or budget. Our team of certified professionals does the complete flooring job, from purchasing through to installation, sanding, refinishing, and staining.

Let’s look at why vinyl flooring is right for your home.

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring for Your House?

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring for Your House

Vinyl is a practical and versatile flooring option embraced by many homeowners in recent years. The following are the benefits of choosing vinyl flooring for your house.

It Is Cost-Effective 

Vinyl is one of the most affordable residential flooring options. However, even though vinyl flooring can be bought as well as installed at a significantly lower price than traditional flooring, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer tremendous value to homes. If you want to cover up floor damage, pet scratches, or other markings, vinyl is a low-cost option.

It Is Durable 

Vinyl flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas because it is highly scratch-resistant. You may consider this flooring for the entryway of your kitchen, or your bathroom, as these places see the most foot traffic. In offices or other popular gathering spots, vinyl is a common option because it may be quickly replaced when needed.

It Comes in Multiple Colours and Designs 

When it comes to choosing a vinyl floor, you can choose from a vast array of colours and patterns. This means you can achieve the look of stone or wood while enjoying the benefits of vinyl. Because of cutting-edge technologies and digital design, vinyl flooring can be produced in natural-looking textures that offer plenty of visual depth.

It Calls for Little to No Maintenance 

Are you looking for a low-maintenance floor? Vinyl flooring only needs occasional sweeping and mopping. Use a broom, vacuum, or microfiber sweeper to clean the vinyl floor quickly. For deeper cleaning, a damp mop and mild cleaner are needed, but there is no waxing required. Also, vinyl plank flooring has a protective wear layer that allows it to maintain its lustre for years to come.

If you have little kids, vinyl floors may be the perfect option. Rather than damaging expensive floors, you can use vinyl flooring for a few years and then invest in natural flooring (like hardwood) when your children are older.

It Can Imitate the Look of Highly-Expensive Flooring 

Why go over budget when vinyl can easily imitate the look of expensive flooring? From a distance, vinyl can be made to look like wood planks, stone tiles, or other unique materials.

If you want to stay on budget, vinyl flooring provides multiple design opportunities that would not otherwise be available to you. For example, if you admire the aesthetic of Brampton hardwood flooring, you may easily imitate natural plank flooring patterns. Or if you’re a fan of white marble, you may imitate its glossy patterns with vinyl. Both options will cost significantly less than purchasing and installing wooden floors or marble slabs.

It Is Moisture Resistant 

Nothing will ruin a shiny new hardwood floor as quickly as moisture. As more people want the look of wood in spaces prone to spills and water damage, like a kitchen, vinyl offers an excellent alternative.

It Provides Comfort 

If your home has an area that tends to be cold, especially in winter, vinyl flooring is the best option. It is also a great alternative to wood or tile, and doesn’t get cold the same way other materials do. Because of the texture and the way it’s manufactured in, vinyl floors are more comfortable to stand on for long periods of time.

Bonus: It Requires Simple Installation 

Installing vinyl flooring is relatively easy. The key is ensuring the floor underneath is smooth and without flaws or imperfections, as any bumps or lumps will be noticeable once the vinyl flooring is laid down.

Although you could install vinyl flooring, to ensure a smooth finish it is recommended that you hire a professional to prepare the surface and ensure there are no peeling corners or gaps.

You may install new vinyl flooring in a high traffic area because it is resistant to scratching. Other types of flooring, such as hardwood, can be easily scratched and may need refinishing eventually. Vinyl floors, on the other hand, can keep their original appearance for several years with minimal maintenance.

Because of its wide array of benefits, such as durability, look, and price, vinyl flooring is one of the most sensible and appealing options. If you are considering new flooring for your home, take a look at the latest vinyl styles. Then contact us, the leading flooring store in Toronto, to learn more about its benefits. 

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