Bamboo Flooring or Cork Flooring – What’s Your Choice?

Both bamboo and cork make for interesting flooring options. Less common than laminate or hardwood flooring, these options have their own pros and cons.

If you are considering either option, then read on because this post will be going over what you can expect from each.

Are you looking for a soft feel or scratch resistance in your flooring?

If you want soft flooring, then you will love the feel of cork flooring as its made from spongy material. Walking or standing on this type of flooring is going to make you feel like you are walking on a spongy cloud. Adding to the cushiony feel, cork flooring naturally has a bounce back effect when you are stepping on it.

If you have pets however, this is a terrible choice and you should hold back from getting it. Cork is a soft material and is not scratch resistant. Bamboo is the better option for a pet-filled home as it is comparatively much harder than cork, thus more scratch-resistant.

Do you want less noise at home?

If you want a less noisy home, then get a cork floor. It is great at insulating sound. This is why it is so popular at gyms and kids playrooms where noises are unusually loud.

Unlike cork, bamboo and other hardwood floors can be quite noisy and requires special accessories to reduce noise level.

What about durability?

Cork is naturally resistant to cracking, abrasions and is resistant to liquids. With its ‘bounce back’ effect furniture indentations are never permanent. With proper maintenance, cork flooring can last up to 40 years or more. In fact, cork is much safer too, as it is fire-resistant and can only melt or ignite at very high temperatures.

However, bamboo flooring is a better option than cork in certain circumstances.

  • Bamboo floors do not need waterproofing; they can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. Cork floor planks can be used in these areas only after they are sealed to prevent damage from leaks due to spills and cleaning.
  • The variety of designs and patterns that cork offers is far less than that of bamboo.

Whether cork or bamboo flooring; the choice will largely depend on your lifestyle and preferences. Ultimately, only you can decide what will work best for your home.

Compare, consider and then pick!

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