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AA Floors and More Ltd is a leading dealer of high-quality floor coverings and bamboo wood flooring in Toronto. Bamboo floors are referred to as hardwood floors, but they are grasses that are highly processed to produce flooring boards. They are engineered which means the grass strands are cut and torn, then pressed back together with glues and heat to form the flooring boards. Our excellent workmanship allows us to offer you the best quality bamboo flooring for your home. They are durable and contemporary in their look augmenting the appearance of your place. We offer a wide variety of bamboo planks in different finishes, styles and colours at decent rates. Furthermore, if you are environment-conscious, this flooring type is the right choice for you.

We also provide other types of flooring and services listed below:

  • Engineered
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Cork
  • Flooring Tools
  • Underlayment
  • Wood Fillers
  • Flooring Adhesives
  • Finishing and stain services
  • Maintenance and Repair services

All of these are available at reasonable rates at our 50,000 square feet showroom in Toronto. Visit us or call us at (416) 201-9611 and we can guide you with the selection. We also cater to clients from neighbouring provinces for our services, premium quality floor coverings all at affordable rates.

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Bamboo Flooring

Before you select this flooring type, find out its pros and cons.


  • Made from natural vegetation, hence it is environment-friendly
  • Easy to maintain, sweeping or vacuuming regularly is sufficient
  • Water resistant meaning it doesn’t stain or warp easily
  • Priced like hardwood floors for its unique features
  • Naturally strong and durable
  • A stylish flooring option uplifting the face of any room
  • Can be refinished overtime to fix discolouration and scratches


  • These floor strands are manufactured by cutting and tearing the bamboo grass plants, then pressed again with heat and adhesives. The latter can release toxic chemicals in the air over time
  • It is prone to scratches and the accumulation of dirt
  • As it is made from natural materials, mould can grow on it
  • It is not good with humidity because, with moisture in the air, the planks can get damaged
  • Dark coloured planks are softer as the carbonization process to colour the wood weakens it

After knowing its benefits and drawbacks, if solid bamboo flooring is what you like for your home, then contact us at (416) 201-9611 and request a quote today.

You can also visit our showroom and our professionals will help you with the selection.

Why Choose Us?

At AA Floors and More Ltd, we provide the following perks:

  • An insured dealer selling premium quality floor coverings in Toronto and other neighbouring cities & provinces
  • Our inventory consists of a variety of engineered, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, cork and bamboo flooring options
  • We also provide underlayment, flooring tools and adhesives
  • Maintenance, repairing and refinishing services are our other services
  • Our excellent workmanship delivers the best quality flooring options for your home
  • All the services and products are available at affordable rates
  • We offer installation services for residential and commercial sectors in and around Toronto
  • Our 50,000 square feet showroom serves retailers, builders, contractors, architects, interior designers, floor installers and homeowners
  • We guide our customers with the selection process

For more information, call us at (416) 201-9611 or visit our showroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is engineered hardwood flooring?

Engineered hardwood flooring is made up of a core plywood or hardwood to which a top layer of veneer is glued. It is available in almost all wood species. Hence, it has the natural characteristics of the species of wood selected. The product is designed to provide great stability, especially in places where heat and moisture pose a threat for other wood floors.

  1. What are its benefits over solid hardwood and laminate flooring?

Engineered hardwood flooring is known to be more versatile than solid wood planks due to its construction as it allows for it to be installed in different areas where solid planks might not be recommended. This is because of its ability to resist humidity and moisture better whereas other wood planks may warp or swell when placed in similar conditions. Many engineered hardwoods can also be installed above underfloor heating systems which can otherwise damage the wood by drying it out.

  1. How many layers are present?

Most engineered hardwood flooring has around three layers underneath the veneer layer. However, some other options may have as many as five or even seven layers present. The more layers there are, the more stability the floor will provide.

  1. How thick should the veneer be?

The topmost layer is the layer with veneer and usually ranges between 0.5 mm and 6 mm. The thicker the veneer, the higher the planks are priced as these types can be refinished multiple times and can extend the life of the floor.

  1. What is the thinnest layer the veneer can be refinished to?

The top layer of veneer should be at least 2 mm thick to be able to be refinished in the future if you wish to sand it later on as well. The thicker the layer, the more sanding can be done without causing any damage to the floor.

Visit Our Store in Toronto
AA Floors & More Ltd.
524 Evans Ave
Toronto ON
M8W 2V4
Telephone: (416) 201-9611
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