Benefits of Engineered Flooring over Hardwood Flooring

Building a home is expensive. That’s why your flooring needs to last. Hardwood flooring is a solution but it can be pricey and be at risk to variable weather conditions.

There is an answer to these problems that lets you have the benefits of hardwood flooring without the big price tag or weather risk—engineered flooring.

Anatomy of Engineered Flooring Planks

Engineered flooring planks are different from traditional hardwood flooring planks because they are not carved completely out of solid wood. Instead they are built from multiple layers.

The top layer has a hardwood veneer, protected by a finish; this is the wear layer. There are several core layers making it more stable than regular hardwood. And finally, the bottom layer provides structural stability to the plank. These different layers are arranged at right angles to each other.

It’s this design that produces its four distinct benefits over traditional hardwood planks and flooring.

4 Reasons to go with Engineered Floors over Hardwood Flooring

  1. Response to moisture: Wood is breathable which means it will expand and contract as humidity increases or decreases. Engineered planks have the advantage here as their cross-sectional design means they’ll be more resistant to the long-term damage of humidity and moisture.
  2. Reduced price rate: As already mentioned, a plank of engineered flooring only has one layer made of hardwood. This means that the cost is greatly reduced. With only the top layer being made of hardwood, you get the benefits of hardwood flooring, but at an affordable price.
  3. Opportunity for customization: One of the beauties of hardwood flooring is the level of customization the different species of wood provides. This advantage extends to engineered flooring. With the top layer made of hardwood, engineered floors can also come in all the colors or grains you need to personalize your home.
  4. Ease of maintenance: The finish on the top layer of an engineered floor is simple to repair or refinish. If that’s not enough, the individual planks are also relatively easy to replace as it only requires some basic tools.

Hardwood floors are beautiful. The different species available means that you can customize their grain and color whichever way you choose. However, for those who want the benefits of hardwood flooring without the cost or risks, engineered flooring is the answer. We’ve already gone over the benefits of engineered flooring. But it’s ease of maintenance that really sells its value.

Your home is an investment. With engineered flooring, you can make that investment last for years to come.

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