5 Popular Hardwood Flooring Textures in Toronto

Do you want to give your Toronto home’s hardwood flooring a unique appeal and distinctive appearance? Then choosing a suitable hardwood flooring texture treatment may be the solution.
Textured hardwood flooring incorporates techniques that recreate the original appearance of your floor if it’s been worn down by foot traffic and age. There is a wide range of textures available that can be applied using both cutting-edge technologies and age-old techniques. When the application is performed expertly, it creates a visually stunning result that is unique to your interiors.
Here are a few common texture types. Let’s explore how they are best used.

Popular Hardwood Flooring Textures in Toronto

There is a wide range of hardwood flooring textures available. Here, we explore some of the most popular.

1. Circle-Sawn or Hand-Sawn

In the pre-industrial era, hardwood planks were cut by hand from trees and installed as they were: unevenly cut and unpolished without any sanding or finishing. Circular saws left behind marks known as kerfs. When such planks or boards were stained, it created a unique appearance which made the wood distinctive.
In modern times, manufacturers use light sanding methods to get rid of wood splinters. These planks offer a multi-coloured and warm appearance that can brighten any space.

2. Smooth Sanded

In this style, hardwood planks are sanded in a delicate way to create a silky-smooth texture. This offers a classic appeal that highlights their graining pattern. Its timeless appearance makes it one of the most popular hardwood flooring textures. It goes well with both modern and contemporary interiors and even ones with a contrasting style. For instance, you can add dark cabinets to rooms with lighter-coloured floors, and vice versa. Make sure the planks you choose for this finish are either large or thin to achieve the desired appearance. Red, white oak, and maple are some of the best varieties you can choose.

3. Hand-Scraped

In the past, carpenters used different hand-scraping methods to even out lumps, bumps and other visible irregularities. This technique is now used to provide a distressed appearance to hardwood planks. It highlights the scratches and worn patches; making them more evident that the material has stood the test of time.
While machines can be used to scrape the planks, many prefer the hand-scraping method which works brilliantly with the wood’s natural grain. If you have pets and/or children, this is the perfect solution to hide the wear and wear the flooring will be subjected to.

4. Wire-Brushed

Also commonly referred to as the ‘European’ look, wire brushing helps remove softer wood grains on the surface of planks. The texture is somewhere between hand-scraped and smooth, and, typically, machines use long strokes using a wire brush. It is dragged the length of the planks or boards to highlight the wood graining with a matte finish. It’s a great way to blend or hide blemishes present in boards of a lower grade.
One of the best types of hardwood to respond well to this technique is oak. It highlights the wood’s naturally occurring grains to create a slightly weathered, softer appearance. It also requires less maintenance than glossier alternatives.

5. Beveled

This has more to do with the edges of the four sides of the wooden planks than the entire surface. A hardwood flooring installer in Toronto will reduce the edges to create a sloping edge that distinguishes the individual planks. Its appearance makes it suitable for traditional homes and those with a rustic appearance.
Another way to minimize the sharp edges of prefinished planks is to micro-bevel them. This type is more suited to modern and contemporary living spaces.

As you can see, there is a wide range of options when it comes to hardwood flooring textures in Toronto, and all add a sophisticated depth to your floors. Depending on who lives with you, you can choose an option that stands up to and hides daily wear and tear. Get in touch with our team to find out what kind of textured hardwood best suits your Toronto home.

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