Bruce Hardwood Flooring: Everything You Need to Know

It’s okay to give in to impulse remodelling projects like sanding your floors and painting your walls. However, it’s a different matter when dealing with a solid natural hardwood flooring installation.

Fortunately, in such instances, you can choose high-quality Bruce hardwood flooring products. They are among the best flooring material providers and one of the best investments you will make. Bruce hardwood flooring adds to the overall ambience of your space and increases the value of your home, should you choose to sell in the future.

You can choose from three different grades of hardwood: good, better, and best. Their collections have the largest number of mineral streaks, pinholes, and character knots, so you will be able to see variations in each wooden plank.

In this post, we go over important things you should know about Bruce hardwood flooring and a few of their products in AA Floors & More’s inventory.

Important Things You Should Know About Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know when it comes to Bruce hardwood floors to get an idea of what you can expect from the company.

About Bruce Hardwood

Bruce specializes in dealing with wood harvested from the Appalachian Mountains. It is prized for its consistency in terms of its colour, clear grains, and stability. Compared to other brands, their wood has the least number of knots, streaks, and flaws. Bruce hardwood has stood for high-quality natural hardwood flooring for more than 100 years.

Along with solid hardwood, you can also find engineered varieties of a number of species, including white oak, red oak, maple, and hickory. You can also choose from a large selection of colours with different finishes ranging from wire-brushed and traditional to hand-scraped and smooth.

The Most Popular Collections

  • Dundee – This variety has micro edges and is made of solid oak. It provides a linear appearance and can be mixed with random width patterns.
  • Waltham –This is one of the most cost-effective varieties from their collections and is made with red and white oak. The colouring of the wood accentuates the oak’s natural character and graining.
  • Fulton – This is another oak variety popular for its rich colour, durability, and beauty. The plank widths and rich colours give a timeless appearance to any space in which it is used.
  • Manchester – This durable variety of oak comes with an aluminum oxide finish. This gives the planks the protection needed to protect them against daily wear and tear.
  • Turlington –This variety can be installed over radiant heating. The collection includes several wood options and is known for its lock-and-fold installation technology.

Bruce Hardwood Floors at AA Floors & More

The Bruce hardwood flooring collection at AA Floors & More is available in different grades, each of which has its own select features such as grain variations, colours, and knots. They are versatile, timeless, and durable. When you choose our natural hardwood products from Bruce hardwood flooring, you enjoy top-quality planks that will last many years. Here are some of the main options.

1. Bruce American Treasures Collection Hickory Frontier Shadow

Bruce Frontier Shadow Hickory is a durable and beautiful flooring option suitable for residential applications. It features natural hardwood that sits high on the Janka hardness scale (1820). It fits in well in traditional interiors and comes pre-finished in a dark colour with a satin gloss. It is a solid hardwood flooring variety, with the planks having micro-edges and square ends. They require a nail-down application, and our experts recommend ordering a minimum of 10% overage to account for cuts made to install the planks.

2. Bruce Dundee Oak Cherry

Bruce Dundee Oak Cherry

This oak variety is well-known for its durability, so your solid hardwood flooring will withstand the rigours of daily life. It features solid hardwood and is provided pre-finished with a Dura-Luster Plus urethane finish and smooth surface texture. It can be installed on or above ground level and requires a nail-down installation. Its planks are protected by a lifetime finish which ensures that it resists scratches, wear, and stains, and looks good as new for years.

3. Bruce Dundee Oak Espresso

Bruce Dundee Oak Espresso

This is another economical Bruce hardwood flooring option that is full of colour variations and abundant character. This product celebrates the beauty of natural hardwood and displays natural features, including small holes, knots, and mineral streaks along with minor milling imperfections. The variety of colour and width options ensure that you can design your space the way you want. The planks come with a scraped edge and rank 1290 on the Janka hardness scale. This style is suitable for residential applications and can be nailed down during installation.

If you want to see more options from Bruce hardwood floors, click here.

Bruce is a top-selling hardwood flooring brand across North America, and you will find a number of popular varieties of AA Floors & More’s inventory. Look through our website to find the perfect selection of colours, textures, and specialty finishes. With such a large collection of products, you are bound to find something unique and high-quality.

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