Choosing the Best Floor for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom flooring can make or break the overall appearance of your home. It should be practical, durable, comfortable and attractive. However, choosing the right flooring can prove to be a rather difficult task. Hence, it is important to do proper research to know for sure which flooring will best serve your interests.

There are numerous options available when it comes to choosing the best flooring for your bathroom. Before making a final decision, read the following pointers. They’ll help you decide which option to go for.

  • Stone Tile Flooring

This is a particularly stylish flooring option mainly due to its resilience and sleek appearance. It needs to be sealed before it can be used as flooring since it is porous. The options available are generally granite and limestone. They come with a higher price tag than vinyl flooring, so you must be absolutely sure you want it before making a choice.

  • Vinyl Tile Flooring

This is one of the most popular flooring options for the bathroom and there’s a legitimate reason behind it. They are generally reasonably priced and available in different styles and designs. They are generally made of tiles or sheets and like all flooring, it must be laid onto an even surface. If the surface is uneven, bubble-like lumps can be noticed all along the floor.

  • Rubber Flooring

Rubber tiles are extremely hard to wear out and can deal exceptionally well with varying heat and moisture. So, they are considered to be an ideal flooring alternative for a bathroom. They’re available in different textures, colours and shades. Studded models provide a non-slip quality, besides being highly trendy.

  • Wooden Flooring

Although solid wood flooring cannot be used, engineered wood may be utilized as bathroom flooring. Bathrooms are known to be extremely damp. Hence, the top layer of this flooring is protected from expansion by a core layer which makes it sturdy for everyday use. Engineered wood is also appropriate for underfloor heating.

  • Ceramic and Porcelain Flooring

Both ceramic and porcelain flooring imitates stone flooring and both are available at a lower cost. They’re easy to clean and more hygienic. A modern bathroom can be made more luxurious by installing underfloor heating. There is no need to be concerned about coordinating the wall covering as ceramic and porcelain are suitable for walls as well.

Several materials are not suitable for the bathroom, though their soft feel is tempting. For instance, carpets stink when they absorb moisture. To get the most of our bathroom flooring, do your research and choose an option that’s both appropriate to your home décor and needs.

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