Distinct Properties of Cork for Flooring Excellence

Cork flooring is not a new concept. It has been put to use as an efficient flooring option for more than 100 years. To affirm the fact, old Toronto Stock Exchange building had floor fabricated out of cork. Cork received great recognition, especially after popular architect Frank Lloyd Wright used it in his home designs. Many of us are still unaware of its presence and others prefer alternate flooring options because they are unfamiliar with its convenient features.

Cork is obtained from the bark of oak tree. This natural resource is grounded, processed further to obtain sheets and then baked into tiles. The tiles are the finalized forms used in flooring. Being eco-friendly cork is used in business organizations, schools, hospitals, churches, homes and other commercial institutions.

Naturally built, it possesses inherent strength and can be utilized for long time. With our hard earned money, we prefer something substantial and worth investing.

Cork Flooring
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Cork has Diverse Rewarding Properties

Irrepressible against hefty foot-traffic: Loaded with microscopic air pockets, cork is resilient to strenuous effect of foot-pressure.  The cellular structure boosts the material with abilities to withstand heavy traffic of foot; it’s like some kind of virtual sensory organ it is equipped with.

Immune to easy wear and tear: If you have cute little pets storming all over your home, do not be scared to install cork, anticipating that their little claws will wear away the surface. The air pockets empower cork with elasticity and robustness. As a result, compared to other types of wood flooring, cork is more resistant to scratches.

Able to prevent sudden slips and falls: Cork is mostly composed of air, trapped in the microscopic cells. Though not apparent but cork is like cushion, full of air which makes it good shock absorber. It is suitable for homes with kids and elderly people.

Sound- and heat-absorbent: It is highly insulating. Cork is appropriate floor constituent for places which are crowded, being a super insulant it absorbs sound. Besides sound, the air pockets pull-in the warmth created by your feet and aids in keeping your cold space hot and comfortable.

Variation in appearance: The raw look of cork is remarkable, but you can also avail the dyed marvellous shades of cork to match any décor statement. The tiles are obtainable in dark brown, pearl white, rustic brown and several color combinations. You get patterns like rings, granules and zebra skin.

Unresponsive to moisture and insects: The cork cells contain a waxy substance, named Suberin. It aids in protecting cork from moisture and insects. As a result, cork is fitting for homes with those prone to allergies and infections.

Easy Installation of Cork Tiles:

  • The surface on which you are planning to place the tiles should be levelled, dried and cleaned before usage.
  • Although cork can survive moisture, it is advisable not to use cork in damp places. Hence it is wiser to use cork for on-grade and above-grade installation.
  • Floating cork floor is totally a new concept. Here the cork tiles have no glue to get adhered to the floor.
  • The cork tiles are affixed to one another by clicking together the tongue and groove joint.
  • You need to be very careful and make sure the tongue and groove have got locked together. Tap the cork board or tile for affirmation.

The stunning cork floor fortifies your professional or personal space with its inherent attributes. To heighten its alluring company, the tiles are bettered with ceramic or urethane finish. All you need to do is give some care and upkeep. Regular sweeping and mopping will prevent dust and grime from scratching your precious floor. In case of accidental spills remove stains immediately. Your sun-facing windows that allow a lot of rays to swim in should be covered with drapes, blinds and shades. This will protect your flooring from UV rays.

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