Durable Flooring Options for Your Outdoor Spaces (7 Top Choices)

Homeowners don’t frequently prioritize outdoor flooring, so it does not get as much attention as flooring inside your home. However, your outdoor spaces, including decks and patios, deserve durable flooring to prevent decay and keep you and your family safe.

Fortunately, there are several options. But which material is best for your home?

AA Floors understands your dilemma. That’s why we have created this guide to help you make an informed purchase. Remember: always understand the installation area before laying down any flooring so you can choose the best flooring for your space’s needs.

Let’s get started.

Durable Flooring Options to Transform Your Outdoor Space

We can help you choose the best flooring material for your outdoor deck, patio, or walkway. Here are some of the most popular options.

1. Traditional Hardwood Flooring

Do you like the look and feel of natural Canadian hardwood? This is one option for creating a beautiful, cozy deck, and there are plenty of hardwood options, each with unique characteristics and looks.

Just keep in mind that wood decking space requires regular maintenance. Make sure to choose reputable brands, such as Canadian Standard or HardWood Planet, for the best quality products.

2. Porcelain Flooring

Porcelain Flooring

Porcelain is one of the most durable and stylish outdoor flooring materials and is becoming popular with homeowners. These floors are also water-resistant and easy to maintain.

If you are looking for durable and stylish outdoor flooring that is easy to maintain, porcelain is undoubtedly one of the best choices. Installation can be tricky, so hire professionals to complete the project.

3. Concrete Flooring

Concrete is a common outdoor flooring material for good reason. Not only are concrete floors durable, but they are also easy to install, maintain, and repair. Moreover, they are also cost-effective.

While concrete may not look the best or add value to your space, it is a durable flooring material that should be on your list. Evaluate your personal needs and budget before you start shopping.

4. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Do you want flooring that looks like real wood but doesn’t cost as much? Canadian-engineered hardwood flooring is a durable option, especially for decks and patios.

Besides looking like traditional wood flooring, it offers better stability against temperature and moisture changes than hardwood flooring. This is best to install in covered outdoor areas. It is not suitable for open outdoor areas.

5. Vinyl Tile Flooring

Are you looking for an inexpensive, practical solution for your outdoor area? Vinyl tiles are an excellent choice because they are waterproof and simple to clean. They are also a great choice if you want an inexpensive material.

Remember that vinyl tiles cannot support heavy weights, so they are inappropriate for high-traffic areas. They also cannot be installed in open outdoor areas, so they should be considered for enclosed or covered patio spaces.

6. Rubber Tile Flooring

Rubber Tile Flooring

Rubber tiles may not be the first material that comes to mind when looking for durable outdoor flooring. But rubber tiles are simple to install and maintain, are incredibly durable, and have many different design options. Additionally, they are resistant to heat, water, and people slipping on them.

In the event of damage, rubber flooring is also simple to replace. Although this flooring may cost more than other materials, the expense is unquestionably worth it.

7. Laminate Flooring

Another excellent option for outdoor flooring is laminate flooring, which can be installed over your current flooring. This is a good choice if you want to give your outdoor space a quick facelift.

Laminate flooring is easy to install, low maintenance, and resistant to slips and scratches. It is not water-resistant, so it is best installed on a covered patio or deck. Laminate flooring also requires underlayment for better performance.


We hope you can now more easily choose outdoor flooring for your space. Some flooring options don’t need as much maintenance as others, even in harsh weather and on open decks. You should select flooring appropriate for your needs, taste, budget, and, most importantly, the area in question. Have concerns? Ask our professionals for advice on your outdoor space’s most durable flooring options.

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