Engineered Flooring: A Value-for-Money Option

Flooring involves a good amount of money. Post the investment, as a homeowner you would it to last long. Engineered flooring is the species born to live up to your expectations.

This kind of flooring is made of two or more solid wood layers and the thickness varies in the range between 3-7mm. The top layer of engineered floor is made of quality hardwood and the remaining part is made of other wood materials. Usually, engineered floors are manufactured with a pre-finish that enables to save your valuable time and money, as you do not have to wax the surface. Being available in various shades they effortlessly complement any home decor.  Despite this versatility, you can go through certain facts to consider before installing engineered flooring.

Engineered flooring
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Tips to consider before buying engineered option

  • Variety: Different finishes are available for this kind of floor. Homeowners may install brushed or distressed finish to add antique look to their property. The treatment provided will vary based on the type of floor you choose.  While the oily surface requires more care and maintenance, matte lacquer finish offers a natural look and satin texture.  The lacquer coating adds to the durability of the flooring.
  • Thickness: The thickness may differ from 3/8-3/4. If the floor is thin, then it cannot be refinished. It won’t be able to bear heavy traffic. Thicker ones last longer. You can sand and refinish them 2-3 times. The lifespan will depend on the amount of traffic received.
  • Sturdiness: Engineered flooring can be used in the basement. They aren’t even prone to frequent expansion and contraction with changing weather. As such, you won’t notice cupping or warping. This is why engineered floors are extremely durable and sturdy ones. Although these floors can withstand moisture and water, yet you should not install them in the bathroom.
  • Scratch-resistance: This type of flooring is a good option for the kitchen. Engineered floors remain looking good on getting little maintenance regularly. They hold on to their glamor uncomplainingly resisting dents and scratches.

Engineered floors are the ‘low-maintenance type’ floorings, meant for your living room, dining space, kitchen and bedroom. The captivating presence of these long-lasting and wood-like floors increases the resale value of property in case you want to sell your home in future.  In return they demand only proper care, which isn’t too much.

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