Engineered Hardwood Flooring: 5 Things No One Tells You When Buying

It is important to choose the right flooring for your home or business. But doing so can be difficult, meaning having some common sense information can make a big difference in your buying journey.

At AA Floors, we’re not about keeping secrets; we want to share our expertise. So, if you are thinking about buying engineered hardwood flooring, keep reading to discover a few lesser-known tips and tricks to picking the right kind for your needs.

Let’s get started.

Tips for Buying the Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Knowing the nitty-gritty of the flooring you are interested in will help you buy the best product that suits your lifestyle and budget. So here are a couple of things you should know when buying top-rated engineered hardwood flooring in Canada.

  1. Check the Length of Planks

    Checking the length of your engineered hardwood flooring planks is probably one of the most important things you will do. While most people are aware of the plank’s overall width, the length is not given sufficient attention.

    However, this measurement is extremely important as it impacts the overall appearance of your home. Typically, planks should be at least two feet long; shorter planks will result in a patchwork effect. Furthermore, if you have larger rooms with high ceilings, it is best to select planks that are 24″ to 120″ to accentuate the natural flow of the space.

  2. Understand the Wood Grade

    It is a common misconception that wood grade is an indicator of quality. If the engineered hardwood flooring product includes names such as Prime, Select, Rustic, or Natural, it does not translate to higher quality. These grades are often mere indicators of what the floorboards look like.

    So, when buying engineered hardwood flooring, don’t immediately think something labelled ‘rustic’ will be of inferior quality and, therefore, cheaper; the opposite might be true.

  3. Consider the Species of Wood

    The wear layer of engineered hardwood flooring is composed of real hardwood. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the wood species used in this layer when selecting any engineered hardwood product. That is because the wood influences the grain pattern, colour variation, and even the overall durability of the plank. Oak engineered hardwood, for example, is more durable than walnut, which is softer than oak.

  4. Check the Thickness of the Planks

    Always take the time to consider the thickness of the plank you are buying, and steer clear of thin ones. Remember, the thicker the plank, the higher the quality and better the durability.

    We suggest choosing thicker planks in areas that have high traffic, such as living rooms and entryways. Like any other flooring, when engineered hardwood flooring eventually shows signs of wear and tear, thicker planks allow you to refinish your engineered planks without replacing them.

    Remember to order a sample to compare the thickness of the entire board and individual layers of your preferred product.

  5. Choose Unfinished Planks

    This advice is intended for those purchasing engineered hardwood flooring to match their current flooring. In such a situation, you should think about unfinished planks because you might find it difficult to match the finish of the existing planks to prefinished ones. This option will give you a more seamless finish by precisely matching the finish to your current flooring.

When buying engineered hardwood flooring in Canada, always take your time in your selection. Understand your needs and budget to choose a product that aligns with your goals. By following these tips and seeking expert advice, you can make an informed decision and enjoy beautiful, long-lasting flooring for years to come. Wondering how much the best-rated engineered hardwood flooring will cost you? Request a free quote today!

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