How to Choose the Right Flooring for Rental Properties

When you have a property that you rent out, a lot of thought must be put into its maintenance to keep it in the best condition so that you get tenants easily. The key is to furnish and equip the home with beautiful, low maintenance and durable items.

Flooring is usually the first things to draw the attention of people assessing the condition of the rental properties. We are sharing an extensive guide on the various ways to find the perfect flooring for a rental property that your tenants will love and you can easily maintain.


How to Choose the Right Flooring for Rental Properties

 Important criteria to select the flooring materials for rental properties

The following are the criteria that you must keep in mind before you start looking for the best flooring materials at the store:


The flooring material should be able to withstand heavy traffic and not get easily starched or cracked. You will not want flooring that frequently requires replacing to keep up the lustre of new flooring and looks attractive enough to the prospective tenants. Opt for a flooring material that can withstand the adverse effects of high foot traffic and weather extremities.


As a rental property owner, the primary goal is to earn through your real estate. Hence, you will want an affordable option when you are replacing the flooring. But it should also be ensured that the material you get is long-lasting, and does not require frequent maintenance or replacement as eventually these will add up to your expenses.


The flooring should be universally appealing to all the prospective tenants. Classic flooring textures are the safest options as they never go out of fashion and are loved by most people. Do not think too out of the box or unconventional since there is always a chance that every tenant you come across does not like your idea of off-beat flooring.


Each room has a different function and the flooring should be installed accordingly. Get a type of flooring that is versatile enough to be used in every room including balconies, bathroom and the kitchen. Do keep in mind, you will not be living here hence, keeping it as simple as possible is the key so that the tenants can make temporary fixtures according to their preferences.


This is a primary factor that should be kept in mind while you are selecting a flooring material for a rental property. The flooring surface must not be slippery as it may cause accidents. Choose a finish, texture and material that has high resistance and does not have a hard impact when you fall down.

Property value

For a higher end rental, your tenants will expect a certain standard of the property and the flooring should be installed accordingly. Luxurious and durable materials like hardwood is a flooring option your tenants are likely to expect. Moreover, if you are declaring your property as pet-friendly, the flooring should be accommodating for this purpose as well.

Flooring Types You Can Consider

Keeping the criteria mentioned-above in mind, the following are some of the popular flooring types that are ideal for your home:


This is one of the most durable and expensive flooring materials that you can invest in. If you want the property to be categorized and valued as a high-end option, installing hardwood flooring is the best way to add value to the property.

  • It will last a lifetime if maintained well.
  • You can quote a higher rental amount when the property has such luxurious flooring.
  • It is an all-time favourite among tenants seeking a high-end property.
  • Though it requires a larger initial investment, hardwood doesn’t need to be replaced anytime soon, thus proving to be cost-effective in the long run.
  • If the climate is moderate, it will not expand or contract or warp due to moisture.
  • Hardwood can withstand heavy foot traffic and wear and tear and when you use the right texture and finish, it can be a pet-friendly flooring option


Laminate is more affordable than hardwood but no less attractive. Laminate flooring styles and textures available these days can replicate the natural materials so well that it is difficult to tell them apart after installation.

  • It is very easy, and quick to install.
  • It is ideal for high traffic areas as it has a protective layer that is extremely tough.
  • It does not get scratched or stained easily, making it a good choice if you have children and pets in the household.
  • Landlords on a budget who want the look of wood in their property will find this to be an affordable and worthy alternative.
  • However, if water goes underneath the flooring, the core materials will be damaged.


Vinyl is available as sheet and tile vinyl or luxury vinyl planks that resemble wood and natural stone tiles.

  • It is a versatile flooring material that can be installed anywhere in the house including bathroom and kitchen.
  • It is easy to install if you are opting for luxury vinyl planks. For sheet vinyl installation it is always advisable to seek professional help.
  • It does not require additional sub-floor preparation and goes with almost every type of subfloor, making it easy to install.
  • It does not absorb water and moisture, making it easy to maintain. However, if moisture seeps underneath the material, the adhesive will become loose and lead to the flooring curling at the corners.

Keeping the criteria and the types of popular flooring in mind, you can easily explore the best local flooring stores for finding the flooring material for your rental property. Keeping the budget in mind, choose from a wide variety of laminate, vinyl or hardwood flooring. Toronto-based rental property owners will find some top flooring stores in the GTA.

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