Fuzion Flooring: Let’s Get to Know These 5 Collections

When it comes to transforming your home with elegance and style, Fuzion Flooring offers a variety of flooring collections that stand out for their distinct characters and qualities.

But it is a good idea to learn about what you are buying before you do.

Whether you are looking for the latest trends or timeless classics, Fuzion Flooring has something to meet your needs. Let’s explore five of their standout collections: Imperial, Patina, Artistry Herringbone, Castello, and Expression.

Fuzion Flooring Collection: Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing the right flooring is always an important consideration when it comes to decorating or renovating your home. Fuzion Flooring is renowned for high-quality engineered hardwood floors that combine durability with aesthetic appeal. Each collection has unique characteristics, offering something for every customer’s preferred style and preference.

1. Fuzion Flooring Patina Collection

This collection brings timeless elegance to your space. Its soft lustre and natural fumed tones make it perfect for creating a refined and sophisticated atmosphere.

The collection features oak engineered 3-layer SolidCore structure. Its 4 mm dry-sawn wood surface layer makes this a durable option for high-traffic areas. The product is available in five stunning colours.

The 6” wide and 3/4” thick planks can be installed on floors that use hydronic systems to heat your home. Each product is made with care and has a UV-cured polyurethane finish with aluminum oxide to ensure its long-lasting durability.

The Fuzion Flooring Patina collection also has a limited 35-year residential warranty and a lifetime structural warranty.

2. Fuzion Flooring Expressions Collection

The Fuzion Flooring Expressions collection’s wire-brushed European oak allows you to showcase your unique style. This collection is ideal for adding a luxurious and timeless look to any interior.

Its engineered 3-layer SolidCore structure improves stability and strength, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. The Fuzion Flooring Expressions collection has a UV-cured polyurethane finish with aluminum oxide to protect it from daily wear and tear.

UV-cured polyurethane finish

It is important to note that Fuzion Flooring products are all FloorScore-certified. This ensures that your flooring has the lowest VOC and is healthy for homes.

3. Fuzion Flooring Castello

The wide plank-engineered wood flooring in the Castello collection embodies modern luxury and classic elegance. This collection, which comes in both traditional and modern colours, is ideal for elevating the sophistication of your house. The three-layer SolidCore structure ensures stability and durability, and the European oak adds a timeless charm.

The 2.5mm wood face layer offers a superior, aesthetically pleasing and durable finish. The collection offers planks that are 9/16″ thick and available in both 7″ and 8″ widths, giving your feet a plush feel. The UV-cured polyurethane finish with aluminum oxide shields the surface, guaranteeing its beauty for years.

4. Fuzion Flooring Imperial

The Imperial collection is made to give your house a sleek, contemporary appearance. With popular colours and 7-1/2″ wide planks, this collection blends traditional and modern design elements. While the sliced wood face layer offers a premium finish, the engineered multi-layer plywood core structure offers superior stability. With a thickness of 3/4″, each plank is a substantial and fashionable option for any space.

Imperial collection

This collection is made even more durable by a UV-cured polyurethane finish with aluminum oxide that shields it from normal wear and tear.

5. Fuzion Flooring Artistry Herringbone

Want a herringbone floor without the hassle of hiring flooring contractors to create such a beautiful but complex pattern? This Fuzion Flooring collection is the ideal option. Crafted from European oak, its light colour scheme lends an air of refinement to any room. Meanwhile, the brushed finish gives the surface richness and texture, making it visually appealing.

Strong and stable, the engineered three-layer solid core structure is suitable for a variety of spaces. Precisely sized to create the classic herringbone pattern, the planks are 5.11″ wide and 9/16″ thick. The UV-cured polyurethane finish combined with aluminum oxide guarantees that the flooring will always look great, be strong, and withstand frequent use.

Fuzion Flooring offers a range of superior engineered hardwood collections, each with distinctive features and designs. Every home can benefit from a different Fuzion Flooring option, such as the aged perfection of the Patina collection, the expressive elegance of the Expressions line, or the classic luxury of Castello. At AA Floors, explore the finest of Fuzion Flooring and elevate the aesthetics of your house with their superior selections. Have additional questions? Contact our staff. They will be happy to help.

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