Get the Best Sales on Laminate Flooring for Basements

Homeowners often ask whether laminate flooring is appropriate for basements. After all, it’s compressed, high-density fiberboard core is prone to absorb water and create moisture-related problems.

Some of the potential below-grade flooring problems faced by laminate flooring are groundwater and humidity, among others. But by taking proper precautions, like choosing the right materials and preparing the subfloor before installation, you can make laminate durable enough to work for your basement.

Go through the post to learn about the best laminate flooring on sale and how to make it work in your basement.

How to Make Laminate Flooring Work in Your Basement

If you decide to install laminate flooring in your basement, make sure it is either completely finished or dry. To make your flooring durable, you first have to prepare your basement. Here, you will learn what kind of basement you may have in order to determine what kind of laminate flooring you should use.

In addition, you will also find out about our laminate flooring on sale so that you can get the best products at the most affordable rates.

Identify Your Basement and Its Requirement

There are three main types of basements. Which one is yours?

1. Unfinished Basement 

Unfinished Basement

Here you will find bare concrete walls, exposed pipes, an unsealed concrete slab floor, and wide-open spaces. This type can cause moisture problems. If it is not properly protected, you may encounter flood-related concerns or rising hydrostatic pressure.

In this scenario, the ideal first thing you should do is complete the basement. The only flooring that you can install in such a damp, unfinished basement is water-resistant laminate flooring.

If you have traditional home décor, consider installing this Krono Dreamfloor Classic Collection Laminate 12 MM – PARIS. This laminate range comes in a variety of colours and has a textured finish. Its Drop Loc installation technology makes this style of laminate flooring simple to install.

2. Semi-Finished Basement

Semi-Finished Basement

This type of partially-finished basement is not yet complete either physically or aesthetically. Most often, it requires reconstruction or renovation. Here, you may see that the concrete floors have been cemented, the walls have been waterproofed, and a ceiling has been added to conceal wires and provide lighting.

If there is any issue of moisture in your semi-finished basement, either from the concrete floor or from humidity, we recommend a water-resistant or waterproof laminate floor. This will not only stop water damage to the floors but make it simple to clean up a spill or leak.

There are several patterns and designs for laminate flooring, including ones that resemble wood floors. For example, you can install this Krono Dreamfloor Classic Collection Laminate 12 MM – BUDAPEST which resembles oak.

But remember that none of these laminate floors is entirely waterproof from top to bottom as they still contain a fiberboard core. So, it is always advised that you read the warranty for basement installation conditions.

3. Finished Basement

Finished Basement

A basement is finished when all the stages of construction, development, and renovation are complete. This includes a drainage system being installed so that moisture is not a problem. It usually has floors, ceilings, and walls, just like the rooms in the main part of the house.

When you have a fully-finished basement with zero moisture problems, you can install any kind of laminate flooring.

If you are considering a conventional floor instead of a waterproof laminate one, you should install a subfloor to prevent future moisture damage.

If you want to install laminate flooring in your basement, you should finish your basement and choose the right laminate flooring to increase your floors’ functionality and durability. Discounts of up to 40% are now available on laminate flooring at AA Floors. Contact us today.

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