3 Reasons Why Hand-Scraped Hardwood Is So Popular

Hand-scraped hardwood has been around for a long time. In fact, hand-scraping is the oldest way to sand a floor. But with modern sanding techniques, it fell out of favour. Today, however, homeowners are more inclined towards the casual and rustic look that hand-scraped floors deliver. That’s why hand-scraped engineered oak flooring, hickory hardwood flooring, and the like is becoming increasingly popular.


What Is Hand-scraped Hardwood?

Hand-scraping adds distinct grooves and marks to your flooring that gives a room personality and warmth. It is a painstaking process that makes your wood flooring look vintage. If you have a rustic cabin or cozy home, hand-scraped hickory hardwood flooring, for instance, will be a beautiful addition. Even though the boards are scraped, they retain their durability and strength.


If you will look at hand-scraped engineered oak flooring planks (or any other wood planks, for that matter), you’ll notice that no two will be the same. This is because each is finished individually. The result is flooring with a lot of texture and charm.


Why Go with Hand-Scraped Flooring?

There are many reasons why you should go with hand-scraped flooring.


1. It’s Unique

Traditional hand-scraped wood displays the wood’s natural features, and that’s the reason for its innate beauty. Unlike most hardwood flooring, the hand-scraped variety has a unique dimensional look. You can customize its colours and patterns to complement your decor. Rough textures, varying colours, and customizable sizes make hand-scraped hardwood ideal for your homes.

2. It’s Durable

Hand-scraped hardwood has an even longer lifespan than solid hardwood flooring. The uneven edges of these planks make the blemishes look like a part of their design. Hand-scraped engineered oak flooring and the like have a mixture of natural wood and fibres from various other species that increases its resistance to water and insects. Direct sunlight won’t fade them, and hand-scraped hardwood flooring lasts longer than solid hardwood, hence they don’t need to be refinished every few years.

3. It’s Easy to Maintain

To clean dust and debris from hand-scraped hardwood flooring, use a microfibre dust mop once a week. Use a wet mop with a mild detergent to remove stains. If there are spills, clean them right away.


What Wood Species Are Hand-Scraped?

Both solid hardwood floors and engineered hardwood floors can be hand-scraped. Some hardwood stands up better to hand-scraping than others, but you can hand-scrape almost all popular hardwoods. Pecan, pine, oak, hickory, cherry, and walnuts are some of the most popular choices, with hand-scraped hickory hardwood flooring being the most durable. Species like maple and teak are hard to hand-scrape and don’t always look good.

Hand-scraped engineered hardwood isn’t as durable as regular hardwood, but if you need wider planks, engineered hardwood is the better option. Also, if they get damaged, re-sanding hand-scraped engineered hardwood will be easier; they also won’t lose their texture easily. You get all the advantages of engineered hardwood flooring even when they are hand-scraped.


Disadvantages of Hand-Scraped Hardwood Flooring

There are not many disadvantages to hand-scraped hardwood flooring.

1. They Are Expensive

Wood floors are available in almost all price ranges. The most expensive is hand-scraped hardwood because it involves intensive manual labour; the higher the quality of the hand-scraped wood, the higher the price.

However, if you don’t mind mechanical work, you might find something in your budget, but it will still be more expensive than other hardwood floors.

2. They Are Difficult to Install

It can be challenging to install hand-scraped hardwood flooring, as you’ll firstly need to line up the planks. You then join the grooves and tongues. Now, use the flooring nailer to secure the planks in their place. You won’t have to seal or finish them after installation because hand-scraped floors come with a durable anti-scratch finish.

Hand-scraped hardwood floors are expensive but are a long-term investment in your beautiful home. It is important to talk to a professional before deciding to go with them. Remember, there is a lot riding on your choice of flooring as it will add definition and character to your home.

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