How to Choose the Right Adhesive for Your Flooring

Flooring adhesives are difficult to differentiate for the average buyer, due to the various technical terms and chemical compound names they barely recognize. The adhesion properties are varied and each glue is specifically designed for a certain type of flooring material. Gluing is a popular and suitable flooring installation method for vinyl, laminates and engineered hardwood flooring.

This post outlines six general features you must consider when choosing adhesives to properly execute the installation procedure.

  • Drying time

The drying time is provided on the information label on the adhesive jar or bottle. This is important for estimating the time frame required to install the flooring. The faster the adhesive dries, the faster you will have to work. This will also help you determine the amount of glue to prepare for every step of the installation to avoid waste. This determines how long you have to wait before you can walk on the flooring.

  • Composition consistency

In general, construction adhesives have to be mixed on site and consistency becomes a major factor here. The consistency determines how easily the glue can be bonded and spread on the sub-floor and how well it grips on the tools. If the consistency is too thin, it will drip and wash out, which will lead to waste, longer drying time and difficulty in bonding. Thicker consistency, on the other hand, will be difficult to spread and mould.

  • Floor coverage

When buying the adhesive, you must invest in an accurate quantity so that you don’t waste. Consider the square footage of the space where the flooring is to be installed and add 10 percent extra to the required quantity of adhesive. The label will also indicate the estimated area coverage, which will give you a clear idea on how much you may need.

  • Shelf life

If you have multiple projects to work on or there is a surplus of leftover adhesive, choose a type of glue that has a long shelf life. This is dependent on the composition of the glue and how you store it. Some adhesives can be stored for years without any degradation, so you can use them for later use. Other adhesives can have a short shelf life, beyond which the ability to bond starts diminishing.

  • Clean-up

The installation procedure is messy and spilled adhesive can spoil the beauty of your flooring. Spillage cannot be avoided entirely, so choosing an adhesive that is easy to clean is a wiser decision. Every adhesive has detailed instruction about the clean-up procedure so that you can correct any mistake quickly. Water based glues are the easiest to clean but are susceptible to water degradation and must be chosen accordingly.

  • Adhesive colour

If you need grout, choose tinted adhesive that matches the colour of the flooring. Any kind of application and floor type where the adhesive may show through, calls for colour or tint consideration of the adhesive.

Flooring installation that uses adhesive is one of the easiest procedures, making it a DIY venture for many homeowners. It is advisable to seek professional help to decide on the right kind of adhesive for flooring installation. Contact AA Floors if you’re looking for the best deals on flooring adhesive in Toronto.

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