How to Colour Coordinate Kitchen Laminate Flooring & Cabinets

No one likes to cook in a dull kitchen. Indeed, the colour combinations in your cooking area can significantly affect your mood.

So, to keep you happy and your meals delicious, get the perfect combination of colours for your kitchen’s laminate flooring and cabinets. Not only will this brighten your mood but it can enhance the selling price of your home.

Here are some ideas about how to pick the right laminate flooring colour according to your kitchen cabinets (and sometimes vice versa).

Picking the Right Floor Colours


It is vital to coordinate your kitchen cabinets and flooring to create that perfect look. Laminate flooring has many advantages, and the variety of colours in which it can be purchased is one of them. Here’s how to pick the colour of laminate flooring in the kitchen of your Toronto home according to your cabinet colours.

1. Green Cabinets

Green cabinets are not common, but there are many beautiful shades to brighten up your kitchen. If you have a green kitchen cabinet, wall, or island, pair it with golden laminate flooring for a dramatic and contemporary look. Throw in some shiny golden fixtures as well to add a touch of sparkle.

You can also use grey laminate flooring with green cabinets and balance the potentially gloomy look with white countertops, island stools, or other accessories.

2. Dark Blue Cabinets

Shades of blue can add a rich and soothing look to your kitchen. Indeed, blue is known to calm the mind and uplift one’s mood. You can use various shades of blue across your kitchen. If you have light blue cabinets, go for dark blue flooring, and vice versa. Apply various shades of blue in window coverings, chairs, and other kitchen accessories.

Or you can pick a bold citrus orange colour to bring vibrancy and life to the area. To attenuate that dramatic look, use white countertops, stools, window coverings, and other accessories.

3. Red Cabinets

Red cabinets are extremely beautiful and vibrant, so use laminate flooring with yellow and golden hues. You can also pick white laminate flooring for a soothing look and black for a darker, more dramatic look. In fact, red goes well with tan and other shades of brown as well.

4. Purple Cabinets

Purple is a bold colour that must be paired with the right colours for a striking look. It can seem subtle and less intimidating when matched with deep charcoal grey laminate flooring.

You can also use any neutrally-coloured modern laminate flooring to make the space less overwhelming. Throw in plenty of whites for a good balance of colours in your cooking space.

5. Black or White Cabinets

The combination of black and white is a classic one. If you are looking for a simple, balanced, and timeless-looking kitchen, this is a ‘to go’ combination. If you have white cabinets, go for black (or almost black) floors or deep brown. Even tan will look good with white cabinets. And if you have black cabinets, only white will offer that timeless look and perfect balance.

6. Yellow Cabinets

Yellow cabinets are beautiful and make your kitchen bright and full of light. Use grey laminate flooring to add a sense of calmness.

Sunny yellow window treatments and other accessories to add vibrancy to the room. And grey has become a much loved neutral colour for a contemporary kitchen.

7. Pink Cabinets

Do you have peachy, pink, or pinkish cabinets? Pair them with a crisp white laminate flooring. Then add pink accents with curtains, towels, or furniture for a mild look and garden-fresh feel. The opposite colour pairing works as well.

If your flooring is complete, you can pick your cabinet colours accordingly. Otherwise, it is best to pick a cabinet colour first and then select the colour of your laminate floor. When possible, use flooring samples to see if the match with your cabinets is as you imagined. Keep in mind that these colour combinations aren’t set in stone. Your kitchen must reflect your personal taste, so get as creative as you want.

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