Installing Natural Wood Flooring in Your Bedroom:
Learn What to Expect

Are you thinking about putting new flooring in your bedroom? Natural wood flooring is a timeless option that adds warmth and character to any room. However, that is not the only consideration when it comes to installing new bedroom flooring.

At AA Floors, we always want our customers to make an informed purchase. Natural wood is a durable flooring material that can last decades when cared for, but it is a good idea to get a proper idea of what you are getting into first. Here are some things to consider when you are planning to install natural wood flooring in your bedroom.

Let’s take a look.

Considering Natural Wood Flooring in Your Bedroom?

Wood Flooring in Your Bedroom

Natural wood flooring is a long-lasting option for your bedroom, but it is important to understand its various aspects before you buy. Here are some of the things you should know.

1. Types of Natural Wood Flooring

Many different types of hardwood flooring are available, and learning about your options can help you make a better choice.

First are solid unfinished planks, which are traditionally used by homeowners everywhere. They do not come pre-stained or finished; instead, they are finished on-site. Their installation process is time-consuming, but it does allow you to get the exact shade of hardwood floor to match the rest of your home.

Next comes pre-finished planks, which are factory-finished, pre-coated, and ready to install. They reduce your installation time, but their convenience makes them more expensive than unfinished planks.

Finally, you also have the option of putting in engineered hardwood flooring in your bedroom. The top layer of engineered planks is made from natural wood, so it looks and feels exactly like natural wood but costs far less. Make sure to understand the differences between natural wood flooring and engineered hardwood before installing either in your home.

2. Budget Considerations

Budget is an important factor when it comes to any type of flooring. The cost of natural wood flooring varies greatly based on its type, grade, and method of installation. To successfully narrow your options, decide on your budget in advance.

If you plan to replace flooring beyond just your bedroom, you could ask the store for an added discount. Or you could look for wood flooring products on sale to suit your budget.

3. Evaluate the Pros & Cons

Take your time to consider every aspect of natural wood flooring before installing it in your bedroom. On the positive side, it is durable, hypoallergenic, contributes to better indoor air quality, and is simple to clean and maintain.

However, it is also pricey, prone to scratches, and is not waterproof. Make sure you think it through and consider your lifestyle when making your final decision.

4. Maintenance Requirements

Your bedroom is a personal space that should be comfortable and inviting, and natural wood flooring is a natural fit in that way. But it also requires maintenance.

Despite being comparatively low maintenance, natural wood flooring needs to be cleaned frequently and refinished on occasion to maintain its durability and beauty. So, think about how much time and energy you are willing to devote to these maintenance duties.

If you are installing it in your child’s bedroom, take into consideration their activity levels. If you have active kids, then occasional spills and other accidents are to be expected. Since hardwood floors are not waterproof, this means they may get damaged if not cared for well.

5. Comfort Considerations

People typically go barefoot in their bedrooms. Hardwood floors are not the most comfortable in colder climates, especially if you live in Toronto or another typically cold place. Most hardwood flooring does not allow radiant heating, so using carpet or area rugs is the best way to make your bedroom floor more comfortable. It is important to evaluate these aspects before investing in natural wood flooring.

Natural wood flooring is a versatile and long-lasting choice when it comes to bedroom flooring. If you ever intend to list your home for sale, installing this flooring is a fantastic way to raise the value of your property. Take your time, evaluate your options carefully and make informed decisions. Need help? AA Floors’ specialists are available to assist you in selecting the natural wood flooring that best suits your needs and budget. Request a quote today!

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