Is Engineered Hardwood the Best Winter Flooring Option?

Harsh winters can impact our homes and health, especially our feet if the flooring isn’t appropriate. A warm floor not only keeps our feet but our homes warm, which, in turn, prevents damage to pipes and reduces your hydro bills.


Many homeowners don’t consider winter a good time to renovate their flooring. But it’s actually the best time, especially if there is a subfloor involved. In winter, the chances of moisture accumulating in your subfloor is drastically reduced, which in turn reduces the risk of mould, rot, and other nasty surprises.

Engineered hardwood flooring has dexterity and texture which makes it in some ways a better option than solid hardwood. This is also one among many reasons why homeowners prefer engineered hardwood in Toronto.

But is it a good option for winter? Let’s find out.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring & Winter: Are They Good Together?

Winter can take a toll on hardwood flooring as fluctuations in humidity and moisture can lead to expansion and contraction. Compared to solid hardwood, engineered flooring is much more stable and performs well with rapid temperature fluctuations too. This is because it is made from several layers of wood and plywood that prevent it from buckling or cupping; this makes it capable of withstanding low temperatures and a cold climate.

Engineered hardwood is as warm as your home insulation. If you want the flooring comfortably warm on your feet, make sure your home is insulated to prevent cold drafts from entering.

How to Keep Your Flooring Warm in Winter

If you have engineered hardwood flooring in Toronto, insulation can help you keep it warm. Fibreglass batt insulation between headers, rim joints, and floors will maintain heat and minimize drafts.

If you want a more luxurious option, radiant heating is a choice you will never regret. The coils of a hydroponic system heat the floor through the underlayment, keeping it warm and comfortable. But check the documentation from the floor manufacturer first to make sure the engineered flooring you are getting is approved for radiant heating.

You can also use rugs to add warmth and drama to your floor. Rugs are soft, comfortable, and protect your feet from any chilliness coming from the floor.

What Other Flooring Options Are Best for Winter?

Engineered hardwood is not the only good flooring option to survive a Toronto winter.

    1. Vinyl Plank Flooring

 Vinyl planks make a wonderful flooring option if you have high-quality underlayment to insulate the flooring, providing warmth underfoot. Many vinyl floor planks come pre-attached to pads for warmth and sound absorption. You will not need underlayment for these floors.

Also, vinyl flooring is easy to install and resistant to stains and fading. With vinyl, you get the aesthetics of hardwood with the added benefit of easy cleaning and warmth. There are also waterproof and water-resistant options.

    1. Laminate Flooring

 If your home experiences extreme changes in temperature, laminate flooring is your best option. It comes with options for pre-attached pads for additional warmth, eliminating the need for underlayment. It is also easy to install, budget-friendly, and scratch-resistant. The fact that it can be installed over various types of subfloors is an added advantage. Laminate is an excellent option for people with respiratory diseases and asthmatic-related illnesses since it doesn’t collect dust and similar particles.

    1. Rubber Flooring

 Flooring made from rubber-like composite materials is a good option for covering concrete slabs in basements, gyms, or garages. It is a cost-effective measure for cold weather. Imagine being able to work out or work in your garage or basement even when it’s freezing outside. Rubber flooring also protects vehicles and other equipment as it is not affected by extreme weather.

Winter-friendly flooring can make the season much more tolerable for you and your home. Engineered hardwood in Toronto is one among the top flooring picks when it comes to our harsh winters, but there are other options. Make sure the insulation in your home is working properly and that your windows are sealed to prevent cold drafts.

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