Laminate Flooring in the Kitchen


Now that laminate is so popular and comes in so many designs, can it be laid in the kitchen? Social conventions are far less rigid these days and your choice of flooring is only limited by personal taste and budget. Laminate in the kitchen is no problem, but you should start by thinking about the most suitable style.

A beautiful laminate kitchen floor
Laminate comes in all sorts of styles and colours. Usage class is vital to its durability. So it doesn’t always have to be tiles in the kitchen; laminate makes an equally beautiful and easy-care kitchen floor. What matters is how heavily used the floor will be. In a shared flat, where several people are cooking every day, or where the kitchen also serves as a reception room, you really need a good, tough laminate. It’s worth digging a little deeper into your pocket. Given that you can also choose your pattern, it can even be used to imitate a classic kitchen floor. The stone floor look is highly sought-after, or you can go for a single colour, a floorboard style or a tiled effect – there’s no limit to your imagination. As well as cooking, kitchens see a lot of water, so it’s important to know that the panels can easily swell. So if water gets spilled, you should mop it up immediately to prevent unsightly deformations to the floor. Nobody feels any real responsibility for shared, rented flats, so as an alternative you can reseal the gaps in the laminate when you move in or lay the floor. That will help to look after the kitchen floor and protect it from water damage. Any good DIY store will sell a range of pastes and products to seal the gaps – it’s best to get advice from a member of staff.

Hard work, hard kitchen floor
So you can be confident about laying a laminate kitchen floor. Laminate is a particularly cost-effective alternative to tiles when the floor doesn’t come under too much stress. Another benefit in a rented flat is that the floor looks just as good, but you can just take it with you when you leave. Try doing that with kitchen tiles…

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