Laminate Flooring in Toronto: Ensure Your Floor Stays Warm in Winter

Laminate is a popular flooring option for many Toronto homeowners thanks to its affordability, versatility in design, ease of maintenance and durability.

However, laminate flooring isn’t the most popular for its heat-saving properties. And with winter approaching, it’s necessary for homeowners to take the right precautions to keep their homes comfortable. After all, no one wants cold floors when they wake up, let alone during the day.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that the laminate flooring in your Toronto-area home is comfortably warm. Here are some tips to keep it warm.

How to Keep Your Laminate Flooring in Toronto Warm This Winter

Is your laminate floor chilly in winter? Then use these tips to add warmth to your space without worrying about your utility bills.

1. Invest in a Small Space Heater

Invest in a Small Space Heater

Placing small space heaters on your laminate floor can go a long way towards ensuring you don’t have to spend time on a cold floor. These oil-filled heaters are affordable and, while small, can generate quite a bit of heat. So, if you think you will be spending considerable time in any given room, a space heater is a great investment in your comfort.

2. Keep Out Cold Air

This is a no-brainer and the simplest solution to keeping your floor from getting cold. By preventing cold drafts from entering, you can also keep your energy bills down. Also, if you notice any cracks or holes between the baseboards and walls, get them fixed with caulk or another sealant.

Another thing to consider is insulating your ceiling. Since hot air rises, improper insulation can lead to heat loss, and you end up paying more on your heating bills.

3. Use Area Rugs

Homeowners who have invested in high-quality laminate flooring in Toronto might not want to cover the whole area with carpets. However, you can strategically place area rugs to enhance your interior atmosphere and make it a lot cozier.

To effectively do so, consider where you spend most of your time. For such areas, you can purchase a central rug and runners to make the space inviting and warm. And they provide the practical benefit of insulation against cold surfaces.

You can choose from different designs, patterns, and colours to make a decorative statement. Select a patterned rug to make a bright and bold statement and create a focal point. Or pick a solid colour to create a neutral background in a space that has existing patterns, like a wallpapered feature wall. You can also find ones suited to traditional interiors, whether you are looking for something striped or floral to match your existing decor.

 Additional Tips: Take a look at a few alternatives to warm up a cold room in winter. 
 ● Rugs and furniture can block airflow, so do some rearranging to ensure each room is heated properly.

● Check dampers to ensure they are not blocking airflow to any room. Some varieties need to be adjusted differently for summers and winters.

● When using space heaters, make sure they are placed away from pets and children. Always turn it off when leaving the room.

● Replace weather stripping on your windows and doors before winter, and reapply sealants where necessary. This will keep cold wind from entering and prevent warm air from escaping.

● If your room isn’t large enough for an area rug, purchase small floor mats and runners.

● Consider investing in a wall-mounted heater if you want to save floor space.

● If your home has a ceiling fan, switch the direction of spinning in winter to help it push down the warm air. 

 If you are considering a remodel, here are some winter-friendly flooring options to consider for your Toronto home.

While all the tips and tricks mentioned here are effective, your specific requirements will determine which are best-suited for your space. We hope that this guide will help you make the best decision and keep your laminate flooring in Toronto warm this winter. By making sure your floors are warm, you will be more comfortable throughout the season.

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