Parquet Flooring Patterns Ideal for a Luxury Home

Wood flooring has always been a favourite among homeowners thanks to its beauty and durability, making it an asset that can last for generations. Not only will you find different species of hardwood with different colours and textures, flooring professionals have come up with a variety of installation methods to create unique designs. One such unique pattern that has been around for decades and is gaining in popularity is parquet flooring. If you are exploring different flooring types for your home, here are a few parquet wood styles and designs.

Why Choose Parquet Flooring?

Before we explore the different styles of parquet flooring available, let’s explore the perks associated with this particular flooring type:


Parquet flooring complements any interior setting and does not look dated even though the style is centuries old. It was first introduced in 17th century France but remains immensely popular among homeowners looking for an offbeat and unique flooring style.


Parquet flooring adds texture to your home décor thanks to the unique patterns it forms.  With its shade and depth, it easily becomes the focal point of any home interior. If you want to add more life and vibrancy to your living space, consider installing parquet.


There is a wide array of wood textures, colours and patterns available to complement your home décor. You can also give your home a customized look by investing in custom-stained and dyed parquet panels.


The cost of parquet flooring blocks depends on the quality of the timber used, the area to be covered, the surface texture and the design and installation method. Parquet tiles made by gluing the parquet blocks and creating patterned tiles are easier to lay down compared to conventional parquet installation methods. Classics, like the herringbone parquet flooring style, are comparatively costlier than other designs.

Better than synthetic flooring materials

Though it is more affordable than hardwood plank flooring, parquet is as durable as solid wood. So, if solid hardwood flooring is beyond your budget but you can afford to spend more than what cheaper laminate floorings costs on average, take note of this option.

Maintenance and repair

Parquet flooring is easier to maintain and repair than hardwood planks. Since the blocks are small and individual, it is easily repaired by replacing damaged blocks only. The process for cleaning and maintaining parquet flooring is the same as caring for solid hardwood; occasional mopping and vacuuming is enough to keep it looking as good as new.

Environment friendly

Parquet flooring is made from timber that is sourced from sustainable forests. In many cases it is made from recycled and re-engineered floor boards, making it a green choice for your home.

Parquet Flooring Patterns You’ll Love

The following are classic and trendy parquet flooring patterns to consider for your home:


This classic and timeless pattern of parquet flooring remains popular today. Shipping pallets are often upcycled to create a herringbone-patterned floor that imparts a unique style and warmth to your interior. While staining the wood with a single colour creates a uniform look, you can also leave it as it is to create a more visually interesting floor.


This is similar to the herringbone pattern. While the wood blocks for herringbone parquet flooring are cut at an angle to fit with each other, forming a continuous herringbone style, the chevron pattern uses rectangular blocks placed at an angle. They are laid such that they create rows or columns of the flooring. The blocks must be cut into the exact size to ensure each row or column forms a straight line. However, because of this, the chevron style of parquet flooring is more costly than herringbone.


Geometric is the umbrella term for styles like mansion weave, diamond and other similar options. This kind of flooring design creates an illusion, and, if installed properly, can make the room appear bigger or smaller than it actually is. Another geometric style is the Parquet de Versailles which creates continuous patterns in a block shape; its name derives from it having been used to replace the marble flooring of the Versailles palace in 1684. When contrasting wood textures and colours are used, these geometric flooring styles create significant optical illusions.


Laying the blocks in a brick pattern is the simplest parquet style. It is particularly beautiful when done with reclaimed and distressed wood blocks in order to create a rustic look. Again, when a mix of textures, colours and types of wood is used, this bold pattern is ideal for homeowners who want to make flooring statement.


This is a bold flooring option for those who want the latest style for their home. Irregularly shaped wood pieces are used to create a floor that looks like a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are crafted such that they fit each other perfectly and cannot be randomly picked. Needless to say, such a floor requires a lot of labour and time, so it is expensive compared to traditional parquet.

There are as many ways to make parquet flooring as there are different types of designs to experiment with. The styles mentioned above are some of the most common and popular choices, but you can always get other customized ideas by consulting with expert flooring contractors well-versed with parquet flooring installation.

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