Why You Need an Underlay When Installing Wood Flooring

If you’re researching floor installations, you’ve probably come across the term underlay. Installing an underlay can lead to a successful floor installation. Having an underlay can lead to a classic finish and to a high-performance from your wooden floors. Paying extra attention to this detail is crucial for a successful flooring installation. Underlays are one of the elements that can add assurance to your wood floors. So, needless to say, underlays can’t be missed if you’re thinking of installing wood floors in your home.

After reading this blog-post you’ll be convinced that underlays are a necessity when installing your new floors. Here are some reasons for choosing to install an underlay:

  • Covers the imperfections of the subfloors

The subfloors need to be treated well before installing the laminated or hardwood floorings. If there are any problems with your subfloors, having an underlay will be your solution. With an underlay, you can address the flaws of the subfloors and ensure stability. If your subfloor isn’t flat or has gaps, an underlay can help with those imperfections.

  • Decreases the noise created on wooden floors

With wooden floors, one of the biggest drawbacks can be the sound that comes from heavy footsteps. But you don’t have to worry about that because there are excellent quality underlays available in the market. Underlays can reduce the noise created from your floors and give you a peaceful home. By skipping underlays you should get ready to hear every little disturbance created by walking on your new floors.

  • Aids in keeping the wooden floors warm

Wooden floors are often preferred as they are warmer than other types of flooring. But, do you think woods alone can keep the chill away? Having an underlay beneath your wooden floors will help keep your flooring warm as it adds another layer to keep the cold away from your floor boards, and therefore away from you.

  • Helps in moisture resistance

One of the biggest advantages of having an underlay over a concrete subfloor is that it can help keep away moisture from your flawless wooden flooring. Moisture resistant underlays serve the purpose of stopping moisture from migrating upwards towards your flooring to cause visible damage. This feature of the underlay is often undervalued but installing one can ensure a long lasting wood floor.

  • Acts as a cushion for your floor

Everything usually comes back to common comfort, if you’re going to walk on these floors every day and you want it to be as comfortable as possible. By putting in a little effort at the initial stage, by installing a good quality underlay, you’ll save yourself discomfort as the underlay will provide a subtle cushioning effect. Whether you walk or run across your new floors, you’ll have the most comfortable experience possible.

After reading the above-mentioned reasons, you probably don’t have a second thought about installing an underlay beneath your new floors. In fact, with an underlay, you will gain stability, protection and comfort from your wooden floors. There are other opinions that say wooden floors don’t require an underlay. But, if you want long-lasting wood floors in your home, opting for underlay padding before your wooden floor installation is always wise. So, make your choice accordingly and gift your home beautiful and cosy wooden floors.

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