Oak, Birch and Maple: Excellence of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood as the name suggests is blessed by nature with integral strength and durability. These facets make it expensive and a bit unattainable for people with monetary constraints. Thus, the flooring options manufacturers or suppliers have multiple options with engineered, laminate and vinyl flooring.

Even with such favourable substitutes, hardwood is still meant forever and always. The limitless availability of natural-wood shades bettered with patterns of grains cannot be subdued by man-made replication.

Red Oak Hardwood Flooring
Image Credit: lauzonflooring.com

Some Popular Variations of Hardwood

Oak: Oak is present in abundance, not only in variety but also in quantity. The striking grainy texture makes it one of the most reliable forms of hardwood. To enrich your room décor with something atypical, hand-scraped and distressed design are added to oak for the ultimate rustic advent.

Birch: This variety of wood, rather sounds something out of the blue. But with its ample range of colors and dimensions, it adds a lot of charisma to your home. Blessed with inherent durability, birch wood is incredible and is absolutely stress-free to maintain. While golden or yellow birch strikes a contrast with your red curtain, beige colored walls are complemented by red birch.

Maple: The prime concern of the flooring store is to offer their customers with innovative products. Low glossed maple wood in shades of blue, milk-chocolate and much more imparts glamor and sensuousness.

Do you need to avail solid wood just because they are visibly spectacular?

No, absolutely not. There are many advantageous quintessence of hardwood, which you must consider. After all, your home of fantasy is worth this one-time investment.

  • Hardwood flooring is all wood with appropriate thickness. The toughness will grant you the freedom to make use of it for many years.
  • The wood floors are quite easy to maintain. Daily sweeping and mopping will keep dirt, debris and stains away.
  • Being non-toxic, it is environment-friendly and suitable for people prone to allergies. If thoughts of molds scare you, then appropriate disinfectant will help you to get rid of mold spores.
  • For dents or undesirable scratches, you can always comfortably remove the damaged plank. Thus, ease of repairing and refinishing lets you turn the same floor around at minimum cost.
  • Unlike carpets or rugs, wood floors do not trap in animal odors and other objectionable entries.
  • No concrete floor, stone or marble can equate the warmth and care that your feet receive from hardwood.

These satisfactory aspects are recognized and appreciated by décor professionals and people in search for new places. Having floor strengthened by wood, will inevitably add value to your home.

There is one risk; and it might be inescapable. With the installation of oak, birch and maple flooring at home you might become a little home-sick. Why? You will know when you experience these hardwood species.

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