Pros & Cons of Maple Hardwood Flooring In Your Toronto Home

Have you decided to go with hardwood floors for your Toronto home? Maple is a top choice.

But how much do you actually know about maple hardwood flooring, though?

Maple hardwood’s creamy-blonde tones are a big selling point if you do not know anything about it. But, at AA Floors, we think it is crucial to understand all the products you buy for your house. So, here are some of the pros and cons of maple flooring that you need to know after we look at the flooring itself.

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First, What Is Maple Hardwood Flooring?

There are many varieties of maple, which is one of the most popular flooring materials in North America. Hard maple and soft maple are the two broad categories into which the species is divided.

Sugar maple and black maple are two hard maples, whereas silver, red, boxelder, bigleaf, and striped maple are among the many types of soft maples.

Please be aware that only hard maple varieties are used to create flooring.

Pros & Cons of Installing Maple Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring installation requires several considerations, one of which is understanding the species of hardwood you choose. Here are the top pros and cons of maple flooring.

The Pros of Installing Maple Hardwood Flooring

1. It is durable

The durability of your flooring is a top concern as it will become cost-effective in the long run. Maple hardwood is a durable material that is widely used in gyms and bowling alleys.

2. It is affordable

Are you a budget-conscious Toronto homeowner looking for affordable hardwood flooring? Since maple is a common hardwood and not exotic, it is less expensive than other varieties.

Another benefit of domestic hardwood flooring products is that they are easily accessible. So you can easily find a similar style if you need more of the specific type of hardwood flooring you are using.

3. It is a classic choice

Trendy flooring will eventually fall out of fashion, but maple is a timeless material well-liked for its pale sand colour. Additionally, its fine grain gives it a clear, understated appearance.

4. It is easy to maintain

No one wants to spend a lot of time and energy cleaning their floors. Fortunately, maple hardwood flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Check with the manufacturer for their preferred product, or use a lightly-damp microfiber brush. Never wet mop or steam clean, as water and hardwood do not mix.

Maple hardwood flooring maintenance

The Cons of Installing Maple Hardwood Flooring

1. It is difficult to stain

Maple has a tight grain, which makes staining difficult. Some varieties have an open grain, which makes the staining appear darker or more intense. This means stained maple may look splotchy and uneven.

2. It is not scratch-resistant

Maple scratches easily, so, if you have pets, keep their nails trimmed.

3. It is susceptible to discolouration

Hardwood floors may become discoloured and darken when exposed to the sun’s UV rays for extended periods of time. The best solution to this issue is to use heavy curtains, carpet, or area rugs.


Installing maple hardwood flooring is a great choice for homeowners looking for a stylish, long-lasting option. But it is important to consider both its benefits and drawbacks before you buy. We hope this guide makes shopping for maple hardwood flooring for your Toronto home easier. Have additional questions? Get in touch with us today.


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