6 Reasons Why You Should Choose White Oak Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors have been a favourite of homeowners for ages and for good reasons. They are durable, sophisticated, accept many finishes, and can last for generations.

So, if you are planning to invest in them, your first consideration should be which wood species you choose. There are many choices, but one of the most popular for interior design is white oak flooring.

It is more readily available and affordable than other hardwoods, like walnut, cherry, and popular imported options. It is also, along with red oak flooring, a favourite of homeowners.

let’s explore white oak hardwood flooring in detail.


What Is White Oak Flooring?

White oak is mainly found on the eastern side of the continent, from northern parts of Florida to the southern regions of Canada.

Unlike red oak, white oak has a brownish or yellow tint. In recent years its popularity has increased because of its ability to wear a variety of finishes, its availability, and its affordability. In addition, because of its neutral colour, you can use it as a canvas for a wide range of stains. That is why homeowners and designers are inclining towards white oak flooring to achieve their dream floor.


Differences Between White Oak And Red Oak

Differences Between White Oak And Red Oak

  • Colour: The primary difference between white and red oak is their distinct colours. Red oak has a subtle pink undertone, while white oak has brown and yellow tones. So, when you stain each, the darker the stain, the less you will see of the yellow or pink. But if you use lighter paint, you will still see red oak’s pink undertones. White oak is better with grey and lighter stains.
  • Grains: If you appreciate a smoother wood grain, you will love white oak flooring because red oak has a stronger grain. Therefore, if you have a busy household with kids and pets, red oaks are more suitable as they help to hide scratches and dents. In comparison, white oak has mineral streaks which give a modern design aesthetic.
  • Hardness: White oaks are harder than red oak. Red oak’s hardness rating is 1290; white oak’s is 1360, which makes it more durable against dents and scratches.
  • Price: There is not much of a price difference. It truly comes down to the flooring brand, wood grade, and plank width you decide to install.


Why White Oak Flooring Is the Right Choice

Why White Oak Flooring Is the Right Choice

Still unsure of your choice? Here, we explore white oak flooring’s many advantages.

1. It’s More Adaptable To Varied Designs

White oak flooring is the most compatible flooring when it comes to design. This is one of the top reasons why it is so popular among homeowners. It conveys authentic hardwood character without the “busy” impact of other hardwood species. For example, hickory flooring gives a beautiful and natural look, but the level of graining and natural, broad colour spectrum offered by white oak is unmatchable.

2. It Looks More Modern and Contemporary

Due to having less graining than red oak, white oak gives a more modern and contemporary look. This is because its growth rings are closer together, so the graining is smoother and has a more uniform flow. In addition, the linear mineral streaks add a nice touch and provide a modern look with a vintage feel which fits well with many modern farmhouse or industrial styles.

3. More Durable and Stronger

As mentioned, white oak is harder than red oak, making it more resilient when it comes to dents and gouges. So, even if your flooring gets scratched, the grains of your white oak flooring will help hide these better than smooth grain floors.

4. Better Water Resistance

Water-resistance is another excellent reason to choose white oak hardwood flooring. Because of its closed grains, the pores of the white oak wood are plugged with balloon-like swellings called tyloses which make it more resistant to water and decay. That’s why it is utilized in boat building and front door jambs/saddles, as these areas are more exposed to water and other elements. You can also use it for kitchens, powder rooms and entry areas that are more exposed to water and moisture.

But keep in mind that white oak is more water resilient than red oak, but is not waterproof. So, to maintain your floor’s shine and keep it away from water damage, you need to wipe up spills right away and make sure you have a strong finish.

5. More Shade Options

Red oak has become dated and polarized, while white oak hardwood’s neutral tone has more shade options.

It is best suited for grey, white, and dark stain colours as they come out significantly better on it than red oak. Because of the red or pink undertone in red oak, the light grey or whitewash often does not sit well and comes out pinkish. In comparison, the pores of white oak do a great job of absorbing stains, giving your floors a lovely rich hue. It also goes well with darker stains and carbonizing.

6. Affordable Price

Despite these benefits, it is still reasonably priced due to well-maintained forestation standards in North America. Both white and red oak are practical and durable. Unfinished white oak flooring costs $1.75-$3.50 per square foot; finished white oak flooring, $5.00-$12.00.

From availability and cost-effectiveness to variety, you have all the reasons to choose white oak flooring. So quit delaying and browse our collection to find the best white oak hardwood flooring. Contact our experts to learn more about it.

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