The 6 Benefits of Choosing Cork Flooring

Cork is slowly becoming a popular flooring choice because of its durability and comfort. It’s a natural and renewable material that’s extracted from the bark of cork oak trees. This versatile choice is suitable for every room in your home including the kitchen. There are numerous benefits from installing this type of flooring, which is why it has been a trending option for years.

This post outlines the various advantages of cork to help you understand what to expect from the flooring you are investing in.

  • Durability

Cork is a durable material resistant to cracking, abrasion and liquid damage. It doesn’t show indent marks from furniture that may be placed on top. If maintained well, this type of flooring can retain its pristine appearance for years, making it a highly favorable choice.

  • Comfort and shock absorption

To ensure homeowners and their guests are comfortable, cork flooring provides cushion that’s similar to carpet. The air pockets within the material is the reason behind this soft feeling. Therefore, it’s beneficial in rooms like the kitchen where you have to spend a significant amount of time standing. Cork flooring has a cellular structure that enhances its insulation, making it warm under bare feet. It also absorbs sound, enabling it to produce minimal noise from footsteps overhead.

  • Healthy

Suberin is a natural wax substance that is found in cork flooring, which helps repel moisture and makes it resistant to mould, mildew, and insects. Also, cork does not shed any kind of microfiber, which means you can enjoy better indoor air quality.

  • Eco-friendly

Cork flooring is made by recycling cork bottle stoppers. Using minimum adhesive, they’re grounded and bonded under high pressure. When used for commercial purpose, this material is harvested in an environment-friendly manner as well. It doesn’t require deforestation, as it’s extracted from the bark of cork trees. This ensures that they’re kept alive and healthy and produce superior quality products.

  • Easy to clean and install

The process of maintaining and cleaning cork flooring is easy, as it can be swept and vacuumed. Spills should be cleaned immediately and it’s recommended to avoid methods that include water and mops. Cork is available in sheet form, which can easily be rolled out and installed quickly. It’s available in parquet file form, which can be glued to the sub-floor or installed through a floating method. This option is also used as an underlayment for acoustic flooring.

  • Inexpensive with versatile

Despite the numerous benefits, cork is less costly in comparison to other flooring options like hardwood and engineered hardwood. It’s also available in different styles, sizes and colours. A variety of designs and patterns can be created with cork planks and tiles. This is a perfect choice of material for creating a beautifully patterned floor within a tight budget.

Cork flooring besides being easy to main, is comfortable, eco-friendly, healthy and durable. If you are looking for cork flooring for your new home, AA Floors offers numerous varieties to choose from. Come and visit us during our working hours to explore the brands and textures in our inventory.

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