Things to Consider Before Selecting Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is gaining popularity amongst buyers since it makes the surface extremely durable and lasts longer. These floors are easy to install and require low maintenance. But, is vinyl flooring the right option for your home? Check the list below that discusses the characteristics of this kind of flooring.

Vinyl flooring comes in two types- sheet flooring and tile flooring. Sheet flooring is the one that lay down in sheets and are 6 or 12 feet wide. Besides, they are easy to install and completely water-resistant. Tile flooring, on the other hand, can be found in 9 or 12 square inches. These floors have the look of ceramic tiles but are surprisingly cost-effective.

Vinyl Flooring
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Types of Finishes for Vinyl Floor

There are three types of finishes are:

  • Vinyl no-wax finish – This kind of finish is suitable for areas that receive less traffic. They are extremely light and have less exposure to moisture and dirt.
  • Urethane finish – Urethane finish is extremely strong and durable that can withstand moderate foot traffic. They are easy to clean and highly resistant to scuffing.
  • Enhanced urethane finish – This is the toughest finish available that can endure heavy foot traffic. They are highly resistant to stain marks and scratches. This type of finish will last long with proper care and maintenance.

Considerations before Picking Vinyl Floor

Vinyl is amongst the inexpensive flooring options you may choose. When comparing the price to stone, wood or ceramic flooring, vinyl provides considerable cost savings. Read on to know about some considerations before choosing vinyl floor for your home.

  • Ease of installation: Vinyl floor installation is quite easy when compared to installing other floor types. You do not need glue or staples to install floating vinyl sheet. Rather, peel and stick vinyl can be adhered to a subfloor. Besides, you can also install vinyl floor over hardwood, plywood or concrete. It can also be installed over the present vinyl flooring, however, it is not suggested if you have more than two pre-existing layers.
  • Durability of the floor: Vinyl flooring is very strong and durable. If they are installed and maintained properly, they may last for a long time. As such, this type of floor is a good choice for the rooms that receive huge traffic. In addition, most vinyl floor consists of a wear layer on the surface that can resist stains and scratches. Some vinyl products provide warranty for almost 15 years on its wear layer. With any type of floor, the quality you purchase will affect if it will last for many years.
  • Get rid of stain marks: Printed vinyl sheets and tiles consist of a wear layer that resists spills and stains.  Solid and composite tiles, on the other hand, do not have this kind of protection on the surface. Due to this reason, they are more susceptible to spills and stains. They need polishing and stripping occasionally to retain their new look for several years. Vinyl floors are a great choice since they can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, family room, basement and laundry room.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: Vinyl floors are easy to clean and maintain. This is why they have become very popular amongst homeowners. Once the sweeping is done to remove dirt and dust from the floor, use a damp mop and floor cleaner over the surface. This ensures that vinyl floors will look the very best for many years. Vinyl floors usually come with a “no wax” finish that maintains the shiny look after mopping like the day when you had purchased it.Vinyl floors are highly functional in high traffic rooms since they are durable, low-priced and require low maintenance. Homeowners who yearn to give a stunning look to the rooms usually install this type of flooring. Thus, with innumerable designs available, vinyl flooring impart sensuousness to your abode.

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