Tips to Protect Your Hardwood Floors during the Summer

Hardwood flooring is considered to be among the best flooring options available. A lot of people truly appreciate the durability and the beauty of hardwood. It is something that is not difficult to decorate, which is why people are choosing hardwood flooring for their home. But during the summers when the sun is blazing hot, you might want to go through the following tips to better maintain your hardwood floors

  • Using a Dehumidifier

Humidity levels are very high during the summer months. High humidity levels can cause some serious damage to your hardwood floor. During this season, your hardwood floor may crack or wrap, which is why it is important to use a dehumidifier. It is true that buying one can be pretty expensive. But, it is sure to do your hardwood a huge amount of good. If it also gets cold during the winter, you may as well invest in a dehumidifier.

  • Making Use of a Doormat

Children enjoy playing outside during the summer months. The sun is out and it is definitely fun to fly a kite, run around or participate in any form of outdoor activity. And since kids love to play outside, they will surely bring a lot of mud and dirt into your home. Mud and dirt can be very bad for your hardwood floor. The tiny particles work like small sandpapers on the floor. It can result in marks and nasty dents. So, it is advisable to place a good and clean doormat at the doorstep.

  • Providing Protection to the Floor

The sun is the top enemy of your hardwood floor, especially during summer season. This is because the UV rays are dangerous and can cause the floor to get discoloured over time. It would obviously be disappointing since hardwood floors are loved by so many for their natural and inimitable colour. Direct sunlight also causes hardwood to age quickly. This is one reason to put curtains on the windows, or blinds or any form of window treatment to protect the floor.

  • Cleaning Your Floor Properly

Summer vacations mean general house cleaning for a lot of people. Never commit common mistakes that others might be making during this time. Always avoid using wax or any other oil-based cleaning material on your hardwood flooring. They are too rough. Also, it is worth mentioning to steer clear of floor cleaners such as vinegar, since its composition is too acidic and can cause serious damage. The best way to clean hardwood floor is by vacuuming. It must be made sure of that the vacuum has a bare floor attachment so that it doesn’t leave residue markings.

Hardwood floors are not as difficult to maintain as some people may think. For polishing or stain removal, always use products made specifically for hardwood floors.

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