Top 10 Myths about Vinyl Flooring Debunked

One of the most affordable flooring materials that is available today, vinyl has come a long way regarding style, design and durability. Many homeowners choose vinyl because it is affordable and at the same time looks very beautiful and sophisticated. They are available in the form of tiles and planks which come with adhesive backing. They have to be simply peeled and stuck to the floor properly to achieve the desired look. However, owing to the minimum price range and quality concern, there are several misconceptions and myths associated with the vinyl flooring.

This post has compiled and debunked the different myths related to vinyl flooring so that buyers have a clear idea about what they can expect from their investment.

1. Self-adhesive backing does not work

Many buyers have this misconception that vinyl flooring tiles or planks with self-adhesive backing does not stick because the adhesive quality is poor. This is not true provided you are investing in a vinyl flooring brand of superior quality. Many brands offer high quality adhesive backing which is very strong and easily sticks. It will be able to adhere to any underlayment that has a flat and smooth surface without any additional glue or tapes.

2. Vinyl is not suitable for kitchen

The origin of such a myth may be connected to how well Tough Resilient Flooring vinyl replicates hardwood. But in reality, this kind of flooring materials are absolutely water resistant and hence will be unaffected by the humidity of the kitchen area. In fact, it is particularly suitable for the high moisture and humidity rooms like kitchen or bathroom. It is very easy to maintain and you can remove any spillage with a wet mop, making it an ideal choice.

3. Vinyl has a monotonous look

every type of flooring style and new designs which are entirely unique

This may be true for those floor tiles manufactured during the initial days of inventing vinyl flooring, but the contemporary flooring industries have evolved manifolds. Today vinyl tiles and planks are available which can mimic the looks of nearly every type of flooring material available. This simulation with the almost every type of flooring style and new designs which are entirely unique, ensure that vinyl flooring never gets boring.

4. There is no quality variation for vinyl

In reality, vinyl, like every other flooring material is available in different quality grades. They are processed and designed to suit every type of environments. Some may be thicker than the other or provide more friction and hence minimizing chances of accidents. Others may have higher moisture resistance or better adhesive quality and so on.

5. Vinyl and laminate are the same

Confusion with vinyl and laminate is perhaps one of the most common misunderstandings among customers. At a glance, they look very similar but regarding their composition and structure, they are completely different from each other. The luxury vinyl has a vinyl core and often is more flexible and bendy. The laminate flooring tiles on the other hand have a wood powder or plywood core and stiff. Both the flooring types react very differently to moisture.

6. The top image will fade away

The vinyl tiles and planks have a high quality image of the material it is mimicking embossed on the top layer. Many customers believe that over the years it will fade away due to high foot traffic. However the top layer of the vinyl tiles are sealed with a clear coat which is high durable and ensure the flooring looks beautiful for years and is scratch and dent resistant.

7. Vinyl flooring is accident-prone

When you have pets, children and elderly people residing in the house, making sure it is accident proof becomes a necessity. Many customers looking for best quality vinyl flooring often backtrack thinking it is slippery and hence accident-prone. However, this is not the case, vinyl offers higher resistance than tiles and other similar flooring option and hence chances of slipping are minimal. Moreover, the vinyl tiles are softer than other stiff flooring material which will ensure your fall does not hurt as much.

8. Luxury vinyl is expensive

luxury vinyl tiles

Many people have this misconception as they confuse luxury vinyl tiles or LVT with composite vinyl tiles (CVT). The composite vinyl tiles do not have a clear coat and hence it has to be waxed, polished and then sealed to protect the surface. The entire procedure leads to additional cost. However, the luxury vinyl tiles are already finished and sealed and you do not need any additional cost for the process. Also, the CVT has to be maintained by refinishing it periodically making it costlier than LVT on the long run.

9. Installing vinyl flooring is labour-intensive

Many people believe that laying the vinyl flooring is extremely tedious. But if you are skilled enough, it will not take as much time or labour. While many try it as a DIY venture, it is recommended that you take help from the professionals. Depending on the type of vinyl tiles you have chosen, the time and labour for installation will vary accordingly. Vinyl is also available in clickable tiles which are very easy to fit and lay down.

10. Vinyl is suitable for smaller areas

Many people have the misconception that vinyl is only suitable for smaller floor spaces. The misconception is mainly associated with the self-adhesive vinyl tiles which have to be laid meticulously to ensure it does not buckle or overlap. However, it can be laid for a much larger area and you can even contrast and combine different styles to create your own unique floors.

Vinyl flooring has the lowest price tag but does not look cheap. This is a major reason many homeowners are choosing vinyl these days. The above mentioned misconceptions are results of the lack of knowledge on different flooring types. We hope our experts are able to solve numerous queries you have about vinyl. In case you have any further queries before you invest in it, your friends at AA Floors can help you out when you visit out showroom.

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