Top 7 Outstanding Cork Flooring Designs for a Breathtaking Home

Cork flooring is very popular because it is natural and eco-friendly. Made from the bark of cork oak trees, it is versatile, soft and warm to touch. It is a highly functional material which not only is used in the flooring industry but also for making bulletin boards, badminton shuttlecocks, wine bottle stoppers and more. It can be recycled and used for sub-flooring and insulation purpose.

This post compiles the top seven cork floor designs which create a picturesque interior and how you can design an impactful interior using this flooring type.

Factors influencing cork flooring designs

There are several factors which will help you to design your home flooring perfectly using cork. When you are considering cork, these factors influence how well it will blend with your home décor.

  • The right position: Cork flooring is versatile and suitable for most rooms of the house. However, it is better suited for those rooms where you spend more time. Since it is soft and warm under-feet, it is perfect for the kitchen or the baby’s nursery and in bedrooms. It is a hypo-allergic material and hence suitable for those who suffer from any kind of allergies.
  • Natural colour palette: Cork has an organic and rustic appearance and each piece is unique in texture and pattern. If you are opting for natural tones of cork like beige and brown, complementing the interior with natural materials and hue will help you to play up the interior décor. Earth tone colour palette including terracotta colours, ochre, khaki, chestnut etc. will complement your home best. Natural materials like sea-grass, wicker, jute, sisal are some options for your furniture and accessories in the house.
  • Patterned look: Using two or more textures of cork tile to create unique patterns will lend a decorative look to your floor. You can go for bolder looks with custom cut cork sheets to create unique patterns or the classic checker-board style with two different colours of cork tiles.
  • Textured look: Using cork tile variants with a variety of texture can create the most striking statement for your home. Such textured cork flooring can also be tinted with natural wood stains for creating unique and customized looks.

Different trending cork floor ideas

Many interior designers work with cork flooring and create breathtaking masterpieces in interior décor. Here are some styles that you can take inspiration from if you are considering this flooring type for your home.

  1. Bordered layout with diagonal tiles

This kind of layout is created by using a single coloured cork floor tiles which are laid diagonally to each other and a lighter shade of cork tiles is used, creating a border that would run in parallel to the walls. The visual contrast is interesting and imparts a unique style to your flooring. It is a sober style that works well for most rooms.

  1. Defining the space

In a modern interior set-up, where spaces are not always distinctly demarcated from each other, using different flooring patterns or area rugs can serve the purpose. One creative way of defining your space is using the natural coloured cork tiles for the majority of the floor spaces while a slightly darker tone is used for marking central areas like the seating or dining areas.

  1. Contrasting layout

Natural colour cork flooring forms the base of this interior décor style. The natural tone of cork is usually beige or light brown. If you choose this as the floor of any room which is predominated with shades of black and ebony along with wrought iron furniture, a beautiful but striking contrast is created. This imparts an overall luxurious look to your home which can create an impact but have it balanced too.

  1. Cork flooring in plank form

Cork is available in the form of planks like traditional hardwood. It helps to create a look similar to hardwood, but you can enjoy the warmth and cushioned feel that are the primary attributes of cork. Cork planks are versatile and you can create various looks with it. A simple décor is possible when you combine pastel tones of green and blue in contrast to the cork planks laid to create the flooring.

  1. Dark cork flooring

Cork floor tiles and planks are available in several textures and tones. There is a broad colour palette for cork flooring and the darkest tones are perfect for a dramatic interior. Contrasting light toned furniture with such rich hues will make your home look chic and modern. Also, framing the dark floor with contrasting light-coloured furniture will draw the attention of the visitors towards the floor and centrepieces like the fireplace.

  1. Cork as a versatile and blank canvas

The natural colour of cork is very neutral and subtle which is like a blank canvas for any interior décor. From modern sleek furniture to traditional and rustic pieces, this flooring type will accentuate any type of furniture and accessories very well. When you have an unconventional furniture layout and choice in mind and apprehensive about how well it will blend with the flooring, cork is a great option to balance the entire look. The inherent beauty of this material makes it suitable for creating a variety of interior layouts ranging from minimalist to more elaborate options.

  1. Matte-finish cork flooring

Cork plank flooring that has matte finish adds the right amount of warmth to a casual interior style. The kitchen is a high traffic zone of the house and cork flooring is comforting when you have to spend long hours standing. The natural texture of cork, particularly in a matte texture, is a complementary support for the vibrancy of granite countertops and cabinetry of the room.

Cork flooring designs are gaining popularity for their comfort and aesthetic appeal. If you are considering a change in flooring for the house, this is a material that you must consider. The above mentioned are some ideas to draw inspiration from. For further queries, consult the experts at the showroom of AA Floors & More during business hours. You’ll find a good range of cork flooring options to choose from.

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