8 Reasons to Choose Laminate Flooring for Your Home

Are you dreaming about hardwood floors but the cost is giving you nightmares?

To get hardwood’s beauty affordably, go with laminate flooring. Perfectly combining form and function, this flooring material closely mimics the look of hardwood without breaking the bank. It’s also among the trendiest flooring materials, preferred for home improvement projects thanks to its versatility.

If you haven’t considered laminate flooring for your home yet, we have some compelling reasons why you should.


Why Laminate Flooring Is the Best Bet for Your Home

Laminate offers the same aesthetic appeal as hardwood flooring but at a more reasonable price. This versatile flooring material has become a popular choice among homeowners thanks to its many perks.

1. It’s Visually Appealing

Laminate Flooring is Visually Appealing

One of the biggest reasons to consider laminate flooring is how it mimics the appearance of hardwood. Since laminate flooring features a photographic top layer, you can get any finish, species, or grain pattern of hardwood. Whether you want the rustic appearance of white oak or the luxurious look of mahogany, laminate flooring can create the floor of your dreams and transform your home.

2. It’s Affordable

Laminate Flooring is Affordable

Another appealing feature of laminate flooring is its affordability. You get the beautiful grain pattern and appearance of exotic wood species without paying a hefty sum because laminate costs less than hardwood. If you have a modest budget, laminate flooring is your best bet because you get quality flooring materials at a reasonable price without losing out on appearance.

3. It’s Durable

Laminate Flooring is Durable

Laminate is an extremely durable flooring material thanks to a scratch-resistant top layer that protects the photographic layer underneath. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, fading thanks to the sun, dents, and stains. Simply put, laminate flooring can tolerate the demands of a busy household and will stay in top condition for a long time.

4. It’s Moisture Resistant

Laminate Flooring is Moisture Resistant

Laminate flooring is highly water-resistant. Even if you spill water on your laminate floor and promptly wipe it up, it will suffer no damage. From the top wear layer to the bottom backing layer, laminate planks don’t let water seep in, thus preventing mould or mildew from growing beneath your flooring.

And unlike hardwood, laminate won’t warp. That is why it is a suitable choice for rooms with high moisture levels, like laundry rooms and kitchens.

5. It’s Stable

Laminate Flooring is Stable

Laminate flooring is more stable than other flooring materials because of its layered construction. Each plank has four layers: the wear layer, the design layer, the inner core, and the backing layer.

  • The top (or wear) layer protects the floor against scratches, dents, and fading thanks to the sun.
  • The design layer has a photographic image of the wood species or natural stone you want to mimic.
  • The inner core is the thickest layer and is composed of wood pulp that adheres together.
  • The backing layer is the bottom-most part of a laminate plank. It is water-resistant and works as a barrier for any excess moisture to prevent the floor from warping.

These layers are fused via heat and high pressure (a.k.a. the lamination process). The result is a solid piece of flooring.

6. It’s Easy to Install

Laminate flooring is lightweight and can be installed on any subfloor without preparation, provided the existing flooring is level and smooth. With the tongue-and-groove locking system, laminate flooring is designed for an easy floating installation. You can take it on as a DIY project and complete it quickly, thus saving on installation costs.

7. It’s Easy to Maintain

Laminate flooring is a relatively low-maintenance flooring material. The wear layer creates a smooth surface that makes it easy to clean. To keep them clean, simply sweep or vacuum regularly. For occasional cleaning, use a damp mop, making sure to wring out excess water before each pass. For tough cleaning jobs, use a commercial laminate cleaner or an acetone-based cleaning solution.

8. It’s Versatile

From contemporary to minimalist, laminate is an exceptional flooring material that can work well with and enhance the appearance of a wide range of home decor styles. Plus, it’s available in a variety of styles, whether you want the rich look of maple or the unique appearance of marble. This flooring material has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a flooring option that mimics wood and produces a timeless look on a budget, laminate flooring is your best bet. It offers an all-encompassing package perfect for homeowners buying new flooring at reasonable prices. Available in a diverse range of colours and images of hardwood species, this flooring material is extremely durable and can last for many years. Go for high-quality laminate flooring from a reliable dealer to make the most of your purchase.



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