Toronto Flooring Stores: How to Buy Solid or Engineered Harwood Flooring

Upgrading your floors to solid or engineered hardwood is a tough choice that should be considered carefully. That’s where it pays off to know what you are looking for when making the rounds at flooring stores in Toronto.

At AA Floors, we have a wide selection of the best-rated engineered and solid hardwood flooring. But you should consider certain things in mind when shopping. Here, we discuss how to buy hardwood or engineered flooring at a flooring store in Toronto.

Let’s get started.

Tips for Shopping at Toronto Flooring Stores: Solid or Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your space is one of the most challenging decisions you will make as a homeowner. So, staying well informed about your choice of materials is extremely important. Here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Select The Type of Flooring

Install engineered hardwood flooring At your Home

Should you choose engineered hardwood over solid wood flooring? Both are great options, but they have certain differences that will be a deciding factor. You must also make your choice by considering your lifestyle, the area of installation, and your budget.

For instance, if you are installing flooring to improve your ROI, choose solid wood. However, engineered hardwood flooring is better if you want to install it in a moisture-prone environment, such as your kitchen.

Also, don’t hesitate to consult the experts at your hardwood retailer or flooring store of choice in Toronto when making this decision. The staff at AA Floors is always ready to help.

2. Select the Wood Species

Both hardwood and engineered wood flooring are available in various wood species. Each is unique and offers a different look and feel. It is best if you do your research before you go to the flooring store.

3. Pick Colours and Finishes

Do you want light-coloured floors or richer, darker hues? Should they have a matte finish, or do you prefer a glossy finish? The flooring world is diverse, and your options can seem endless. This can make floor shopping particularly overwhelming.

Dark floors give a room a more dramatic appearance, while light-coloured floors are ideal for creating an open, airy feeling. Again, ask staff for help and perhaps bring photos of your current interior decor to aid in your selection.

4. Decide on the Installation Process

How are you planning to install the flooring? Deciding on the installation process is an important consideration and will vary depending on your chosen material.

Solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood are best installed by professionals. Hiring a professional to complete the installation is recommended to avoid future flooring problems.

5. Select The Textures

One of the best things about installing solid wood and engineered hardwood flooring is the wood’s texture. It brings so much depth and character to the room that you need to pay attention to the texture you are installing.

Solid wood and engineered hardwood flooring have different textures, such as wire-brushed, smooth, and distressed. Here is a quick way to understand what you are going for.

  • Choose smooth textured flooring to give your space a clean, contemporary look.
  • Choose wire-brushed planks for your space; the light grain texture helps give the room a subtle character.
  • Choose distressed textured planks if you want a rustic charm.

Are you visiting a flooring store or hardwood retailer in Toronto and unsure what to go for? Simply explain to staff the overall appearance of the room you want.

6. Determine Your Budget

Flooring installation is an expensive endeavour, so proceed with caution. Setting a budget will help you decide whether to go with solid wood or engineered hardwood flooring.

Always consider buying the best quality flooring you can afford. So, ensure you have the necessary funds before selecting the best-rated engineered or solid hardwood flooring. Consider the installation cost, as well as any other associated costs.


We hope this guide helps you make better decisions when visiting a Toronto flooring store like AA Floors. Following these easy tips will enable you to choose the best flooring for your space within your budget. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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