Underlayment: The Diversified Types and Their Advantages

All of us had imagined lovely things for our home even as kids. All of us had visualized our office with glamorous floors, when we were in school. All of us have spent crawling and falling on the floor of our bedrooms and living rooms.

Winsome flooring made from natural resources or synthetic substituents, adds massively towards the aesthetic factor of a room. Whether you prefer wood flooring or, laminate; marble flooring or vinyl, every variant has its limitations. Nothing can beat the hazards of moisture and heat. To protect the costly flooring, so that they can retain their strength and irresistible looks, a protective layer is placed between the top and sub floor.

This protective layer is commonly called an underlayment or underlay. It is a thin but effective layer of foam or cork, which guards your expensive flooring from moisture and benefits you by absorbing sound and insulating heat. They can be also installed under carpets.

Cork Underlayment sheets
Image Credit: corkunderlayments.com

The Varieties of Underlayment:

Blue colored foam: It doesn’t matter if you have a glued engineered floor or floating type laminate floor, this underlayment made from polyethylene is suitable for all flooring. One thing might confuse you; not every underlay is resistant to moisture, hence they need a vapor barrier. But blue polyethylene foam is 100% percent moisture free, which simplifies your confusion and prevents the need of buying an additional protector. The adhesive tapes make it easier for you to install the foam. Being non-toxic and odorless, it is highly suitable for people with sensitivities.

Underlayment boards: These underlay boards make use of tongue and groove locking system. It can keep your concrete floors warmer. Its inbuilt moisture preventing capacity makes it create an extremely suitable environment for you to live in. You can use underlay boards for both carpets and floating floors.

Cork underlay: Cork underlayment made from the outstanding agglomeration of grains is profusely useful for impeding sound. The air-filled cells create a soft layer to comfort your feet. The capacity of cork to disperse stress, protects the top flooring composition from ordinary cracks. Cork cells have an incredible component called suberin that makes them resilient to molds and mildew growth. Whether you have ceramic tiles, marble, stones or hardwood with cork underlayment the nature of floor is hardly a constraint.

An underlayment becomes indispensable especially when you have solid wood flooring. Wood derived from nature is breathable, its responsiveness to change in moisture is unavoidable. The wood planks will shrink and expand with decrease and increase in moisture content. Underlayment will prevent the seepage of moisture from ruining the grandeur of the top floors.

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