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Vinyl is noted as one of the most cost-effective but aesthetically appealing flooring. Its durability and variety of styles are some of the benefits associated with vinyl. You can find this flooring material in textures and styles that mimic natural counterparts like hardwood and stone. Vinyl is available in sheets, tiles, and planks, and the most superior quality vinyl is called luxury vinyl flooring. Explore AA Floors’ huge collection of vinyl flooring and find the best match for your home at a standard rate.

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  • Europe Parks Collection 8MM Engineered Vinyl - Triglav

    REG :$4.99 / SQ.F.

    SALE :$3.49 / SQ.F.

  • Europe Parks Collection 8MM Engineered Vinyl - Pilitive

    REG :$4.99 / SQ.F.

    SALE :$3.49 / SQ.F.

  • Europe Parks Collection 8MM Engineered Vinyl - Vatnajokull

    REG :$4.99 / SQ.F.

    SALE :$3.49 / SQ.F.

  • Europe Parks Collection 8MM Engineered Vinyl - Goreme

    REG :$4.99 / SQ.F.

    SALE :$3.49 / SQ.F.

  • Europe Parks Collection 8MM Engineered Vinyl - Sarek

    REG :$4.99 / SQ.F.

    SALE :$3.49 / SQ.F.

  • Europe Parks Collection 8MM Engineered Vinyl - Dolomites

    REG :$4.99 / SQ.F.

    SALE :$3.49 / SQ.F.

  • Europe Parks Collection 8MM Engineered Vinyl - Saxon

    REG :$4.99 / SQ.F.

    SALE :$3.49 / SQ.F.

  • Europe Parks Collection 8MM Engineered Vinyl - Veluwezoom

    REG :$4.99 / SQ.F.

    SALE :$3.49 / SQ.F.

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Vinyl is a synthetic flooring material that is made from PVC and other compounds to create the variety of available textures, colours, and styles. It is a flexible material that is softer under-foot compared with other flooring materials like hardwood. At AA Floors, we have a collection of products from the top vinyl flooring brands in Toronto, as well as our in-house products. Visit the store during any regular work day and our experts will guide and give you suggestions ideal for your home.

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What You Need To Know About Installing Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is noted as one of the most versatile, cost effective, and easy to install flooring materials available. It comes in flooring tiles, sheets, and planks. AA Floors has installation services for this material, and ensures you get a complete flooring solution in a single place.


The type of vinyl flooring in which you are investing influences the installation process. You can opt to glue down the sheet or invest in click-lock luxury vinyl planks. The installation process, time required, and cost all depend on the method for which you opt. The installation contractors can advise you best on which is the ideal method of installation for your home. The following are methods you can consider:

  • Glue-down method is very secure. A special adhesive is brushed on the backside of the planks, and they are then pressed down on the subfloor.
  • Interlocking method requires specially-designed vinyl planks that are placed side by side and snapped together in place.
  • Peel and stick planks and tiles come with adhesive already applied. The covering just must be peeled off and the tile placed in place and pressed down.
  • Loose lay method of installation relies on the friction caused by the backing of the tiles to ensure that the flooring stays in place.

Vinyl flooring is a very cost-effective but durable option perfect for making your home more appealing and functional. If you are looking for a vinyl store in Toronto, AA Floors is your best solution.

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Queries Related to Vinyl Flooring

  • Which will be the best choice: sheet, tile, or planks?

    Each type of vinyl flooring has its advantages, and depending on your budget, the room where it is to be installed and the aesthetics, the type should be chosen accordingly.

  • What is LVT?

    LVT or luxury vinyl tiles are the most superior quality of vinyl flooring available. They mimic the natural counterparts most accurately and are more durable and beautiful than conventional vinyl flooring.

  • Is vinyl suitable for households with pets and children?

    Vinyl is an excellent choice for households with children and pets as it is very easy to maintain and does not stain, tear, chip, or crack easily.

  • Where can you install vinyl?

    Vinyl is versatile and can be used for every room in the house including bathroom, kitchen and basement. It can also be used for patios and outdoor seating area.

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