Ways to Care for the Hardwood & Engineered Floors

Floors made of real wood often make their owners worry about the consequences of gaping. But humans with their intellect have always created wonders never thought of before. Any slight blemish can be easily managed into perfection. Thus, you do not need to undermine the worth of natural hardwood and engineered wood anymore.

Hardwood planks of Red Oak, Ash or Hickory are accessible in different types of finishes from satin to semi-gloss. Before you make the purchase, it is right to verify every detail you need pertaining to your hardwood flooring. Oftentimes, high-quality lustrous urethane finish will stand indestructible for approximately 50 years. Likewise, engineered floors with top layers composed of maple, oak or ash comes in any color of charcoal, gray and natural shades. They are available in satin, semi-gloss and lacquer finish. The amazing facet of lacquer finish lies in its strength to safeguard your engineered floors from the harmful ultraviolet radiations.

With so much already made available to you, all you have to do is take some precautions from your side as well.


  • Sweep the floors off dirt, dust and debris on a regular basis. For people with busy schedules, you can use the power of brush attached vacuum cleaners to free the solid wood floors of pet hair and filth.
  • You can simply mop the floors daily and later on wipe away the excess water with a cloth. For the preferred cleaning on a deeper level, make use of cleaners. But, buy a cleaner which is suitable for the finish applied on your hardwood planks. You can squirt and gently rub it with a commercial brush. Many cleaners can be diluted in water and utilized for mopping floors ordinarily.
  • To protect your hardwood floors from stubborn stains, appropriate cleaners are purchasable. Never use steel wool or harsh chemicals on your own. Even if done out of a concern, these measures can permanently damage the protective finish of your hardwood flooring.
  • Dents and scratches on your expensive hardwood floors can be avoided with self-cautiousness and utilization of carpets, area rugs and furniture pads.


  • Whether you use a soft broom or vacuum, just like hardwood floors it is important to first get rid of dust and debris. These small granules are harmful enough to scratch and mar the shiny worth of your engineered flooring.
  • Damp mopping is highly appreciable with more gaping resistive engineered flooring. But for the required once-a-month heavy mopping, you can make a cleaning solution at home. Fill one part of your bucket with white vinegar and the rest three parts with hot water. The warm water will loosen the soil attached and the white vinegar will flawlessly do its job as the cleaner.
  • For common stains of oil, never use anything too strong. Take a soft cloth and add some dishwasher. Rub the affected area gently, rinse off the soap when you are done and use a soft towel to soak the excess water.
  • While the finishes strive to protect the floors from harmful sunrays, you can alternatively install variant window treatments and solar films. The presence of the guarding agents will restrict the entry of ultraviolet rays and protect the engineered floor from unwanted fading.

Needless to say, both hardwood and engineered flooring can be your longtime companions. Definitely, with prolonged usage you will notice a deep mark of scrape, an irksome crack and regrettable dullness. The actual worth can be brought back anytime by sanding and refinishing the challenged areas. While you can pluck one problematic plank and replace it with a similar one, you can also replace the entire wood flooring whenever desired.

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