What can Make Bamboo Flooring a Costly Choice

Bamboo floors are winning the hearts of homeowners in terms of their attractiveness, low maintenance and durability. They are a good choice for those who want to breathe in a hygienic environment; those who want an eco-friendly abode. Besides, if you have a restricted budget, then bamboo floor installation is possible within your capacity than other options. However, there are other factors too, that affect the price. Look at some aspects that will determine the price you have to pay for these floors.

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  • Quality: You will find different grade and quality of these floors available. As such, it is advisable that you spend sufficient time in conducting thorough research before making the decision on appearance and price. Get in touch with a valued supplier who will be happy to discuss significant aspects of these floors such as quality, source and warranty offered that are good signs of choosing these floors for your home.
  • Structure: The structure of these floors is another factor that will affect the price. The reason behind this is some floor products like astrand woven bamboo use more raw materials than other types and has long process for manufacture. All these factors are important in determining the end-user price of bamboo floors.
  • Emission: This type of floor compiles with formaldehyde emission needs. The kind of resins and quality used at the time of manufacturing will have direct influence on the price that you’ll bear for the floor. Resins are mainly used for construction of bamboo products that bond together bamboo strips for creating floorboards. Resins consist of an organic compound known as formaldehyde that acts as a preservative and glue. Check if the floors meet with low formaldehyde emissions and if you purchase them from a reputable company, then this should not be a big deal.
  • Type of finish: You should inquire about the quality of finish used in the production process of these floors. A floor with a low-quality finish may get cracked, peeled, chipped or damaged. Make sure you choose good quality finish to avoid unnecessary costs that may occur in case you have to replace these floors within a short time.
  • Installation: Installing this type of floor is a big investment that must be done with care. You may hire the service of a professional who has both experience and expertise in all types of floor installation. A high-quality installation reflects in the price that you will pay and so, only an expert can fix these floors successfully so that they look great and work well for many years.
    Take into consideration these facets before you purchase bamboo floors to be rewarded with a finish and product that augments the beauty of your abode.

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