Where to Install Engineered Flooring in Your Home in Toronto

Solid wood flooring has long been a favourite among Toronto homeowners. However, engineered flooring in Toronto has been gaining popularity these past few years. It is designed with a veneer of solid wood on top and a sturdy plywood layer that boosts its durability and lifespan.

One misconception is that engineered hardwood floors are not natural wood. This particular flooring option is absolutely real wood that has been created by bonding different layers of wood and plywood. The result is a robust product that can be used anywhere in your home.

Whether you are building your dream home or refurbishing your existing one, you may have already considered installing engineered hardwood flooring in some of your rooms. However, before you start spending, it’s prudent to understand what exactly you can expect.

We will also discuss where you can install engineered flooring in your home in Toronto.

Make Your Floor Chic and Durable with Engineered Flooring

You can install engineered flooring anywhere in your home. That includes places where you would never dream of installing solid hardwood. Here are a few examples of where to use engineered flooring to create that perfect, dreamy look for your space.

  • Bathroom and Kitchen – Ask a typical homeowner what material they would prefer for their bathroom or kitchen flooring. ‘Tile’ is the most likely answer. However, engineered flooring can work wonders in both spaces. Its veneer provides a scratch and stain-resistant layer. Also, it resists warping or buckling due to exposure to moisture or heat.
  • Hallways and Foyers – Engineered flooring is a practical solution for hallways and foyers as they are subject to a lot of foot traffic. When you have vinyl or tile flooring in these two areas, they start out looking nice but soon begin to look worn out thanks to dirt and scratches from shoes, including spiked heels. Since engineered hardwood flooring is scratch-proof and doesn’t require any special cleaning, you’ll be able to keep your hallway and foyer floors as good as new for years to come.
  • Living and Dining Space – These areas are generally high traffic. But engineered hardwood flooring means you won’t have to worry about removing stains or scratches hereafter every get-together.

You can clean these floors with some homemade cleaners and won’t have to spend hours doing so. Most importantly, the warmth and beauty engineered flooring brings to these two areas is unmatched.

  • Bedrooms and Porch – Your bedroom is hopefully the warmest and coziest place in your home, and engineered flooring brings just the right amount of warmth. Hardwood is a classic choice for homeowners and interior designers when it comes to beautifying their living space.

Engineered flooring in your porch or sunroom doesn’t stain easily and is super easy to clean when family members trek in rain or snow. You can even put planters on your porch’s engineered wooden floor to give the space a more natural and rustic look.

Engineered flooring in Toronto is a practical solution worthy of consideration by every homeowner. If you are going to remodel your home or construct your dream house, engineered hardwood should be at the top of your flooring list.

Get in touch with us to discuss the different designs, colours, and styles available. Our professionals will take care of everything related to its installation to ensure the utmost beauty and durability of your living spaces.

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