Why Engineered Hardwood Flooring Is Ideal for High-Traffic Areas

Are you looking to renovate your home with the best engineered hardwood floors in Toronto? Then you will need to consider how much (and what type of) foot traffic you’re going to get.

Hallways, for instance, get a lot of heavy footfalls as people are still wearing their shoes and pets are traipsing back and forth. And kitchens see chairs scraping their floors and the occasional dropped utensil.

Fortunately, AA Floors has the right solution to solve your problems. We provide high-quality engineered hardwood flooring that takes a beating in busy areas like entryways.

This post will tell you why you should go for engineered flooring for your entryway or for high-traffic spaces.

Why Is Engineered Hardwood Flooring a Great Option for High-Traffic Areas?

Engineered hardwood flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas. This is because it is not a single piece of wood but instead consists of multiple layers bonded together to resist damage from heavy usage.

This multi-layer structure makes it an extremely stable flooring material. It also prevents cupping or warping caused by expansion and contraction due to temperature and humidity changes.

Here, you will find out why you should choose engineered hardwood flooring for your hallways, living room, kitchen, and other high-traffic areas of your home.

It Resembles Real Wood

If you are looking for an affordable flooring option that looks like real hardwood, the closest you will get is engineered hardwood.

It is made from multiple bonded layers of real wood, including a 100% top layer, making it more durable than solid wood floors. The veneer can be any type of hardwood, including ash, oak, maple, or Brazilian walnut.

Engineered flooring also comes in different finishes and looks, which makes it an excellent choice to coordinate with the decor of your hallway or living room. This finish is also very durable and can last for years. So, you don’t have to worry about surface damage, such as scratches and dents, nor refinishing it for several years. You can customize the top layer with a finish of your choice.

It Is Long-Lasting

Not only does engineered hardwood looks good, but it is long-lasting as well thanks to its design and construction. As noted, a robust, high-quality wood veneer makes up the top layer. Its strength comes from the high-density fiberboard, plywood, or particle board at its core. The bottom layer is made with high-density materials which in some cases have an anti-slip coating to ensure safety.

Engineered wood floors are more resistant to dents than solid wood floors and can be sanded if scratched or damaged. This makes them great for high-traffic areas like hallways or living rooms, where people often wear shoes. This is why it is also considered the most scratch-resistant wood flooring.

Engineered hardwood can also hold up well against moisture damage such as warping, swelling or cracking much better than hardwood. So, from the day you install this flooring, it will withstand heavy footsteps and constant pressure from furniture.

Because of its first-class performance, many custom home builders have switched from traditional oak flooring to engineered hardwood.

It Can Withstand Temperature Fluctuations

Compared to solid hardwood flooring, engineered flooring can withstand temperature fluctuations with ease. Hardwood floors can expand and contract up to a quarter-inch over time, depending on the surrounding humidity. This is a constant problem with solid wood flooring which can result in gaps between the boards.

However, there are no gaps with engineered wood since each layer is firmly glued together. This prevents it from expanding or contracting as a solid wood floor would. This makes it ideal for areas exposed to weather.

It Is Easy to Maintain

High-traffic areas get messier due to more footfalls. Pets can add to that mess.

The good news is that engineered hardwood flooring not only holds up to high foot traffic but is easily cleaned – so long as you mop up spills before they soak into the wood.

Never use any type of steam cleaner on engineered wood floors. If necessary, non-abrasive cleaners can be used, but these must be rinsed away thoroughly and the flooring wiped dry immediately after use.

It Is an Affordable Option

If you are working within a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, engineered wood flooring is your best choice. It is much cheaper than solid hardwood and offers better durability and resistance in high-traffic areas.

This means that engineered wood flooring is a fantastic choice for homeowners who have the budget to buy a long-lasting floor but still require something cost-effective.

We recommend engineered hardwood flooring for high-traffic areas. Have you considered AA Floors’ collections? With our high quality products and excellent price points, AA Floors can provide the perfect solution for your home’s high-traffic areas.

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