Why Oak Hardwood Is a Popular Flooring Option in Canada

There is no doubt that hardwood is a preferred flooring choice among Canadian homeowners. Its look is timeless and luxurious, like no other flooring material can provide. It also has various other benefits that make it absolutely worth its cost.

You will find many options available in flooring stores in Canada for hardwood flooring, including maple, hickory, and walnut. Among these, oak is a favourite. They exist in two different types: white oak and red oak.

Keep reading to find out why homeowners in Canada choose oak hardwood flooring.

Reasons to Choose Oak Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

There are many reasons why oak has become a popular choice for hardwood flooring among Canadian homeowners.

1. It Is Durable and Long-Lasting

As per the Janka hardness rating, white oak has a rating of 1360, while red oak is 1290. This makes oak flooring an excellent choice for busy homes as it can withstand heavy foot traffic, dents, and scratches.

Oak is also relatively resistant to temperature fluctuations. Changes in temperature and humidity can cause wood to expand and contract, thereby leading to gaps and warping. But oak hardwood flooring resists such damage. This makes it longer lasting than many other popular hardwood flooring options and thus increases your home’s resale value.

2. It Is Aesthetically Pleasing

Oak hardwood flooring is known for its natural beauty. Its distinctive grain pattern ranges from straight to wavy which makes it an excellent choice for traditional homes. It is also available in a wide range of colours as you can choose from any light or dark shade that best suits your home decor.

Selecting the right oak hardwood flooring helps elevate the overall appearance of your home while adding natural warmth and an inviting feel.

3. It Is Easy to Maintain

You do not need costly maintenance requirements for oak hardwood flooring. Instead, you can keep it in good condition by following a cleaning routine consisting of sweeping and mopping.

Also, oak is excellent at absorbing stains and can be refinished multiple times. This makes it easy to restore it to its original appearance, even after years of wear and tear. Plus, you can change its colour during the refinishing process to give your flooring a completely new look without having to replace it.

4. It Is Easy to Install

Many hardwood floors are difficult to install as there are many complications in nailing or sanding the planks. Hence, you need to call a professional installer.

But, homeowners who prefer installing their flooring, can choose oak hardwood. These planks are available in many widths and lengths. So, it will not be difficult for you to find a perfect fit for your space.

It is also easy to sand oak planks quickly and uniformly when you follow a proper sanding procedure. Plus, you can choose from a variety of installation methods, including the glue-down, floating, or nail-down method.

5. It Is Sustainable

Many Canadians prefer sustainable products to protect the environment. For them, oak hardwood is an ideal flooring material. This is because oak is one of the fastest-growing species of hardwood and is found in abundance in Canada. So, it is a sustainable option for flooring. Oak is harvested responsibly and sustainably which does not harm the environment.

Oak flooring is a popular choice among Canadian homeowners for many reasons. Now that you know some of them, consider installing them from a reliable flooring provider like AA Floors & More Ltd. We provide superior-quality flooring products that are available in different colours and finishes.

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