Why Vinyl Flooring Is a Great Choice for Your Basement

Many homeowners think about transforming their basements from mere storage areas into relaxing living spaces.

However, basements face many challenges, including humidity and moisture. These factors need to be taken into account when selecting the right flooring.

There are several options – and vinyl flooring is a prominent one.

Here, we discuss the key reasons to choose vinyl flooring for your basement.

Top Reasons for Choosing Vinyl Flooring for Your Basement

Here are the key reasons why you should select vinyl flooring for your home’s basement.

1. It Is Water Resistant

Vinyl flooring’s waterproof properties come from its plastic composition. Whether your basement experiences heavy moisture or sporadic dampness, vinyl stays unaffected. This top-quality flooring is a great option even on a low-quality concrete subfloor.

2. It Calls for Low Maintenance

Another reason to choose vinyl flooring for your basement is that it requires little maintenance. Compared to hardwood, which has to be re-stained every few years, vinyl does not need deep cleaning. Instead, you merely need to sweep regularly and mop it using a premium vinyl floor cleaner. When you use this type of non-wax flooring, it turns the floor as bright as it was when you bought it.

3. It Is Durable

Made from top-quality synthetic materials such as plasticizer, fibreglass, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl flooring has several layers and a thick core to increase its longevity. Its lifespan varies between 10 and 20 years if installed and maintained successfully.

4. It Provides Optimum Comfort

Compared to hardwood or tile, vinyl flooring is softer because it has a thin felt or foam backing. This means you can stand on vinyl flooring for a very long time without hurting your feet.

5. It Is Stain-Resistant

Do you have pets or kids? Then stain resistance is one of the key features you should look for in flooring. With vinyl flooring, you don’t need to think about stains caused by pet urine or food spills. Because vinyl flooring has a wear layer that withstands both.

As mentioned, you may lay down flooring in your basement or bathroom because it works well in spaces that experience humidity.

6. It Is Affordable

Vinyl is considered one of the most affordable flooring choices. Although vinyl flooring may be bought and installed at a lower price than other materials, like hardwood, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t provide your property with great value. If you wish to cover up various marks, such as pet scratches, vinyl is a quality low-priced choice.

7. It Comes in a Variety of Designs and Colours

If you want the beautiful patterns and colours of natural wood and stone at a lower price, vinyl flooring is a great option. Indeed, it can imitate the look of hardwood, concrete, and ceramic tile without their higher price tag.

8. It Is Easy to Install

Install Vinyl flooring basement

Vinyl flooring may be installed on any level, intact subfloor. And you can do it yourself if it’s the peel-and-stick variety. More luxurious vinyl planks, however, will need to be installed professionally.

These are the key reasons to choose vinyl flooring for your basement. They are durable, moisture resistant, come in multiple colours and designs, and are easy to maintain. If you are still struggling to determine which flooring to choose for your basement, contact our experts. We are one of Ontario’s leading dealers of top-quality vinyl basement flooring, among other materials.

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