Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring: What to Expect During Installation

So you have decided to go with wide plank engineered hardwood flooring for your Toronto home. That’s great! Engineered hardwood planks come in various sizes and widths, with each significantly altering the look of your space.

If you have been thinking about installing wide plank flooring but are not sure what it entails, we are here to help. Here, we discuss what wide plank engineered hardwood flooring is and what it can mean for your space.

Let’s get started.

Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring: What Is It and What Does Installing It Require?

Your flooring needs to be carefully considered. Each aspect of it plays a role in creating the perfect flooring, which is why understanding every detail is important.

So, let’s start with what wide plank flooring is.

Engineered Hardwood Wide Plank Flooring

Engineered hardwood, just like solid hardwood flooring, is available in various dimensions. Each dimension helps to create a different look for the space. Planks that are anywhere between 5 and 14 inches wide are considered wide. However, for most projects, 5 to 8 inches are more widely used.

Engineered Hardwood Wide Plank Flooring

Wide planks are derived from taller trees and, hence, are longer than other styles. Wide engineered planks tend to show more natural wood grain, knots, and other details of natural wood.

Wider planks also result in fewer seams between boards, which reduces the disruption of the wood’s natural lines and opens up the room.

Now, let’s find out what wide engineered planks can mean for your space.

What to Expect From Wide Engineered Hardwood Planks

While you can debate the advantages of engineered hardwood flooring vs. solid hardwood, wide plank engineered hardwood is a great choice for your Toronto home for many reasons. Its high-quality plywood core with a thin solid hardwood veneer makes it a resilient choice for a wide array of spaces.

Here is what you can expect.

1. Cost

Always make sure to choose flooring that suits your budget. Engineered flooring is a more cost-effective solution than solid hardwood, but wide planks tend to cost more than narrower ones. Of course, prices will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from one wood species to another.

Make sure you budget for additional costs like mouldings, transitions and installation in your final budget when making your choice.

2. Maintenance

No one wants a high-maintenance floor that consumes time and money. That’s why low-maintenance flooring is a prudent choice. Wear and tear is normal for any flooring, but it still needs to be maintained properly.

Maintenance of Wide Plank Engineered Flooring

The good news is that wide plank engineered flooring is easy to maintain and repair. Like any other engineered flooring, it is easy to clean and can be refinished (provided the flooring has sufficient thickness).

3. Design

A beautiful floor is every homeowner’s dream. If you love a traditional look or rustic decor, then darker wide plank engineered flooring is the perfect choice for your Toronto home. Lighter wide plank flooring, meanwhile, suits a more contemporary space.

As mentioned, fewer seams between boards mean fewer interruptions to the natural wooden pattern, which helps to create a more open space.

4. Installation

Proper installation is crucial for any type of flooring. Subpar installation can cause huge flooring issues, which can be expensive to fix.

If you lack the knowledge and necessary tools, let skilled installers do the job. Wide plank flooring is not the simplest to install and can be challenging for DIY renovation enthusiasts. If you are going to install it yourself, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Convenience

Wide planks are generally vulnerable to changes in humidity, which can result in shrinkage and expansion. That’s why it is important to buy high-quality wide plank engineered hardwood from reputable brands. Engineered wood flooring has a sturdy plywood core that offers greater stability, and reduces this problem significantly.


Engineered hardwood wide plank flooring is a great choice that can be installed in a wide array of spaces, such as living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and foyers. In the end, it is a personal choice that should be made carefully. If you value the natural beauty of engineered wood flooring, then this is a great choice for you. It helps to create a luxurious space without taking anything away from its functionality. Have questions? Get in touch with AA Floors to help you select the best choice for your space.

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