Wide Plank Wood Flooring: Characteristics, Benefits & Drawbacks

Wide plank wood flooring is an evergreen favourite that offers a distinct visual appeal. This classic flooring option has an old charm that enhances the beauty of your home’s interior design. Be it traditional or contemporary décor, wide plank wood flooring is a diverse flooring solution ideal for all décor styles. Though this flooring option has versatile applications, it is not fit to be used at all locations due to its limitations.

Many homeowners lack information of wide plank flooring and thus hesitate in choosing it for their homes. To clear all doubts regarding wide plank wood flooring, we’ve compiled its characteristics, benefits and drawbacks so that you can decide on considering it for your home.


Wide plank flooring, as the name suggests, is wider than the traditional hardwood planks. Generally, hardwood planks are 3” to 4” wide whereas wide planks are wider, say up to 1 foot wide. It can be easily visible with the help of a visual comparison. Wide planks are not different from the traditional wood planks, except the size. The broader width of planks gives an exotic look and creates a feeling of craftsmanship that enhances the aesthetic beauty of your floors.


  • It is easier to install as it offers greater coverage in less time. One wide plank can cover the space of two or more narrow strips. This helps you get the floor ready in less time with fewer planks.
  • It offers a variety of choices when it comes to the type of wood. From softwood like fir and pine to hardwood like oak and walnut, wide wood planks are available in a number of colours and stains. You can also find exotic, reclaimed and antique wood in wide plank collection.
  • It features a great variety of wood grains, knots, and texture due to its broader width, thus giving a natural and unique look to your floors. It adds great visual interest by creating an exotic appeal.
  • It gives an expanded look to the floor, thus making the room look more spacious and expansive. The reason is the appearance of fewer lines or crevices on the floor that gives the feeling of visual expansion.
  • It is available at affordable prices as wide planks are not limited to any particular type of wood. As a result, there’s sufficient supply to meet the demands and cost is not affected.


  • The sides of each wide plank are higher than its centre, thus giving an unpleasant concave shape making the planks prone to cupping.
  • Since the wide plank flooring is made of wood, it is not ideal for high-moisture areas as it causes warping.
  • It is an unstable flooring option as natural wood expands and contracts to temperature change.
  • It is difficult to maintain, especially in areas with high foot traffic, as dirt, debris and heavy furniture can scratch the floor.

Wide plank wood flooring offers diversity and gives an exotic look to your floors. It’s a versatile flooring option that complements a wide variety of decors styles such as traditional, modern, rustic, Mediterranean and Shabby Chic. Consider it for your home, except in high-humidity areas.

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